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Stone Cold Critical Essay

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Stone Cold Critical Essay Stone cold by Robert Swindells is a book about a young boy who leaves home and goes to London to live on the streets, and about an ex-army man with mental problems who wants to get rid of homless people on the streets of London. In my essay I will discuss how the author uses uses dual-narrative effectively. I also intend to discuss how Swindells makes me feel sympathy towards homeless people and how he makes the average person with a house and a job seem unkind. Robert Swindells uses Links situation and his thoughts and feeling to make us feel sympathetic towards homeless people. ...read more.


"They avoid looking at me, I'm invisible see." Once link arrives in London and spends his first night on the streets we feel even more sorry for him as he begins to describe his inner feelings and some of the problems he was facing and some of the ones he could well be facing soon. Robert Swindells starts by describing Links first step to becoming homeless, Unemployment. He found that most employers wanted experience, something he had none of, and then there was the fact that he was scruffy and smelly did not help much. Not having a job did not help the situation with his new father, and this made him feel very unwanted. ...read more.


Shelter has some very odd feelings for the homeless, in his mind they are just dirt, they have no purpose in life, that is why it is his goal to "clean up the streets." The most likely explanation for this is because of his career in the army, he took people off the streets and turned them into soldiers, and after the army "Released" him on medical terms he decided to kill homeless people in his own time. Shelter is clearly a cold hearted murderer with some clear mental health issues, despite these two factors he carried out the first few murders very cleverly. ...read more.

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