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Stone Cold.

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Stone Cold A complete and utter bore of a teacher, everybody gets one sometimes. It only stands to reason. Look at it this way: you are going to have lots of teachers in your life time, at least one of them will be stuck so far up their own behind, that you have more chance of breaking into Fort Knox than breaking a smile out of them. So don't worry about it. Unless you get one like Mr Stone. I have reason to believe that Mr. Stone was put on this planet for the sole purpose of making my life living hell, but this particular day was by far the worst. I remember it because it was the day we moved into our new house. The day began to turn sour around period 4. I arrived late to his class and shuffled my way towards my seat and although I had not even made eye contact yet I could feel Stones' sharp, evil eyes burning into the back of my shaven head like two red hot pokers. ...read more.


At that moment Stone came out of the classroom to me, a slightly paler shade of red than before but nevertheless looking like he was about to take a chunk out of me! "I don't know who the hell you think you are Miller" Stone begun "But you better change it you little shit!!" " Yes Sir" I said suffocating my smirk with my podgy, black cheeks. I would of tried the I'm reporting you for threatening behaviour trick but last time I attempted it Stone actually carried out the threat and I ended up with a bruised rib and a story that nobody believed. I trudged solemnly back to my seat, cursing Stone under my breath all the while and sat back down. I glanced at the clock. It was 2:25 nearly time to get out of this hellhole I thought to myself. At that moment Stone rose to his feet. "Lucy would you like to pick somebody to take the plant home for this weekend". ...read more.


So that was that. It is now 4:30 and I am walking home from school with this stupid plant gripped firmly in my grubby palms. I can see a figure standing a little further up the street. It is Lucy Watkins because of the elegant way in which she walks. "Hello Paul " she calls, almost mocking me. I smile politely but say nothing. My dark brown eyes are fixed firmly on the plant. With one swift movement Lucy knocked the plant out of my hands. I was distraught. "What are you doing you stupid bitch!" I screamed furiously "Oh my! What will Mr. Stone have to say about this Paul?" Lucky exclaimed mockingly. As a rule I don't hit girls, but at that current moment I could of punched Lucy right in that pretty little face and felt no way about it. She turned away, flicking the back of her already short skirt up in a teasing manner. I turned to look at the plant. It lay crumpled up in a heap on the floor, leaves mangled beyond recognition. ...read more.

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