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Stopping Genocide

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Genocide is the killing of a community, religion, or an ethnic group. Genocide does not have to kill a single person to earn this title, it can be the kidnapping of a child or group of children from their ethnic group and placing them with a completely different ethnic group, or community. I care about the genocide taking place in Africa because the people over there should not have to suffer at the hands of sick, twisted people, or anyone for that matter, who enjoy seeing innocent people die. ...read more.


I truly believe Marylanders can help because no one over here would want to see the crimes first-hand, being put upon themselves, a close loved one, or a friend. Also, we don't know how truly horrendous these crimes are until they are occurring near you. That is when everyone would want to have the whole issue come to light, it is when you truly get the full impact of all that is going on in the world. I highly doubt that anyone would want to go through what the truly innocent people of Rwanda went through, or what is occurring in Darfur right now, this moment. ...read more.


People of Maryland can also write letters stating the urgency in which genocide be stopped, in order to save millions of lives. I am willing to help fight genocide from ever occurring again by writing letters to get the activists opposing genocide to do something major, something to catch the eye of the people who really can make a difference in the world of true "crimes against humanity". I can also make a difference and help by sending messages to people who need them as help to keep living, keep the hope alive that they will get out of the horror that has so suddenly become their new life and all the atrocities that life comes with. ...read more.

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