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Story Coursework - Original Writing

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A Troubled Teen I clenched the bag containing white powder tightly in my fist. Thoughts were rushing in and out of my head. I knew what I was about to do was extremely wrong, but my body had suffered enough blows. "Oh God", I whispered to myself, thinking back to where it all began. In these seventeen years of my life I have learnt one main thing about my father- he cannot live without a woman. Since my mother's death five years ago, dad was constantly in and out of relationships. When I finally thought he had given up all She was extremely nice and whilst she was around, my dad became happy again. All was well until my dad met another woman in secret about which I found out. That's when all the trouble started. Now I was getting the blame for her leaving him. It all happened like this... "Dad! I can't believe this. I thought you said you loved her and now you're cheating on her!" I had just found out that my father had been two timing my step-mum for about a month now. Megan wasn't home from work yet so she knew nothing about this. Eventhough I felt awfully sorry for her, I really didn't want her to find out. Not yet anyway. "Look, I'll break it off as soon as I can but just give some time." He looked a bit embarrassed but I thought he ought to. It was his fault. "Hello! Are you two fighting again?" asked Megan as she entered through the front door. We were arguing so loud that we didn't even hear her come in. Immediately we both went quiet. "Oh hello darling! How was work today?" My father was so good at acting that nobody would have the slightest doubt about his honesty. It really made me sick because I knew the truth. ...read more.


I need to make a call. I won't be long." "Yeah sure. Take as long as you like." I took out the little piece of paper from my bag and dialled Megan's number. I had only spoken to her the once since she left. "Hello." "Hello. Is that Megan?" "Yeah. Who's that?" "Its Natalie. How are you?" "Fine but how are you?" I knew what she meant. I had told her about the abuse the last time I had talked to her. "Okay. I'm allowed to go to school now so that's a start." "That's good. Where are you now? Shall I come and pick you up?" "I'm at school so I don't think that's a very good idea but if you're not busy I wouldn't mind meeting up with you at lunchtime. We could go to McDonalds or something." She agreed and I told her to not look too normal in case my dad had put spies around the whole of London. "Thanks Amy. I just called Megan, Dad's ex-wife. She's coming to see me at lunchtime. How about you come along too?" "Its okay. Nick's asked me out for lunch already. Thanks for asking though." Nick was Amy's boyfriend. Unlike her I didn't have one. It was obvious that any guy would fall for her over me. She was tall and had beautiful long legs. She had a figure that any boy in his right senses would die for. Her hair was brown and silky with dirty blonde highlights. She had eyes the colour of autumn leaves and a clear skin complexion. On the other hand I stood at an average height and was a little on the big side though my weight didn't really bother me much. My hair was a dark brown matching my small eyes. I didn't really mind that I didn't have a boyfriend because I think he would just come in the way at times like this. * * * "Natalie! I'm so happy to see you. ...read more.


* * * "I'm afraid we're going to have to question you about your father's murder. I understand he was poisoned by some heavy drugs." He was trying to make me admit I had done it. He was playing with my mind. "Really. Do you reckon he committed suicide?" I said half crying. I was so scared. I still can't believe that I killed my own father just for some selfish woman who I thought was decent. All my life I've been losing things. First it was my mother, then my step-mum that I thought I liked, now my father and God knows who or what is going to be next. I think I might just go crazy. * * * "Natalie, open the door now. I'm not waiting all night." I had locked myself in the bathroom. My auntie Jane, Mum's cousin, was banging on the door for me to get out. Whilst I was at the police station, they had tracked down all of my living relatives but the only one that was willing to look after me was Aunt Jane. I had argued with her earlier on. Now I needed some time alone. "Okay. I'm coming but please give me two minutes." Since the incident with my father I had been having arguments with everyone I talked to. I had thought of running away but I knew that the police would find me. * * * "Oh my God! Why did she do it?" Mrs Jane Nelson was standing in the doorway of the bathroom looking down at her niece. She was so shocked that no tears came out. She ran to the phone and dialled 999. Natalie ha only been living with her for a fortnight and she had tried to look after her as well as she could. She also knew that Natalie had been through a lot of trouble but she didn't understand exactly how bad it was. Now she had gone and killed herself. A seventeen year old girl was too troubled by her life and had given up. * * * ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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