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Story Coursework

Extracts from this document...


Reflections I walked in like always, the door slams shut. The only light is from the small-bared window at the end of my cell. I walk to it and take a deep breath; then walk back to the bars of the door. I lean on the bars and start to think, clicking my fingers to make a little song; I haven't heard a proper song for ages now and can only remember one song that's always going to be in my memory, 'murder she wrote' by Chaka Demus and Pliers. I turn and start to look in my mirror in my cell; I stroke my hair while I look at all the cracks in the corners of the mirror. Then a shivers goes down my back and I suddenly turn cold. I stare hard into the reflection, seeing all the details of my depressed unloved face. I notice something on the table at the end of my bed, a bracelet, the only bracelet I ever wore! I slowly walk over to the table, never taking my eyes off the bracelet. It's a silver and pink charm bracelet. There are six charms on it and they all describe who I used to be. The order of the charms went: the word sexy, a little heart, the word kinky, a little heart, the word slut then the little heart again! I sigh as I start to think of all the nights I used to wear it; I remembered that I hardly ever took it off. Then I clench the bracelet tight into my hand, tight enough that my hand starts to bleed as the charms dig into my horrible rough skin. I remember one particular night. I laugh as my friend tells me a joke. Then I reach for another shot and when taking it nearly fall over, I just catch the window seal with my hand to stop me plummeting to the floor. ...read more.


I check my baby who is now asleep. Then I smile because it reminds me of how she always got to sleep with the sound of my voice. I walk up the road with a little smile on my face as I still think of the times I have sung Sarah to sleep. Suddenly a man comes out from the pub as we grow near to it. He starts to shout and point at my baby and me. I stop but then start to walk again as I think to myself. He's okay he's just joking around. I walk past him and without looking at him but as I was just walk away. He grabs the buggy; my baby wakes up and starts to cry. 'Hey what do you think your doing, get off' I say as I cant believe that he has just do that. There is no one else in sight and there is loud music playing from the pub so if I shouted no one could here me. 'Look I'm I a hurry, get off.' The man just looks at me then grabs me tight but my arm. I don't let go of the buggy but try to get him off by kicking him. He doesn't say a word and he doesn't do anything. 'Get off now! Help!' I shout. He doesn't so I lift my fist and threaten to punch him but he just smiles. 'You really think you can hurt me?' he says. I throw my arm into his face and in that second he falls to the floor. I hold the buggy and am about to run but suddenly the man grabs my leg and when I move his nail claws into my skin. I run as run as I can and never look back. I look from my reflection to the scar and say to my self. ...read more.


I walk to my bedroom to check on little Sarah, who is sleeping like a baby! I sit down and watch the 10pm news on BBC1. Suddenly there's a hard nock at the door. I jump think, who can this be at this late hour. I unlock the door and open it a tiny bit. The door swings open and whacks me in the face. I lay on the floor not knowing what's happen. I quickly get to me feet. 'What the hell do you think you are doing! Get out of my house.' I shout. The man turns around and looks at me, the necklace he wears around his neck shines, at that second I realise who it is. "Get out I will call the police!" I scream. Then I run toward the phone. But he grabs it first then rips the wire out of the wall. "Where is it?" I look at him the shake my head back off. I stop suddenly when I hit the worktop of the kitchen. "Where is it?" He shouts again. Then we both turn to the sound of the baby crying in the bedroom. I put my hand on the worktop and feel what it is. When he turns back to me, he grasps as I stab the metal blade of the Knife in his stomach. He falls to the floor when I take it out. Then I scream. "LEAVE ME ALONE. JUST DIE!!!"' as I stab the man another four times in the stomach and chest to make sure he going do die. I Look at the body on the floor then grab the Scull and cross bone necklace he was wearing round his neck the put it in my pocket. Blood drips from the knife onto the floor where the body lays looking at me. I throw the necklace to the floor at the other end of my cell. Then fall to my bed and cry myself to sleep, thinking of my poor baby growing up without her mother. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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