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Story of a maniac

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"I could not take it any longer. I had a knife in my hand ready to kill. I felt as if no one understood, they treated me like a piece of shit. All I wanted to do was kill, make people suffer the way I was. That was when I saw a man holding a brief case, I thought to myself, what is so special about him that he is able to walk around with a job and pride. He was nothing better than me, I could no longer hold in my anger. As the man approached me I got more and more tensed. I put my hand in my pocket and gripped my bread knife. It was then that the man got into his car and drove of. God knows what would have happened he were to have continued walking. This had made me even more furious. I wanted to hurt him. Then I continued walking on the empty street, kicking an empty bottle along with me. ...read more.


I thought all she ever does is put me down. 'shutup you fat pig, go and make yourself useful, instead of showing me your ugly face and making me sick'. I forced her out of our room. I was positive I wanted to audition. I wanted to show her that she was. I read the rest of the leaflet, the first audition was for the next day. I was pretty certain that I wanted to show here that she was wrong. I continued to read the leaflet, the first auditions were for the next day. I was anxious to win. I sat down and felt the knife prick me, I took it out and put it back thinking to myself I did no longer need it. Before making several attempts to go to sleep I had finally done it, I fell asleep. The next thing I remembered was hearing a disturbing voice shouting at the top of her voice. It was then that I knew it, ???? was on her way to come and out me down once again. ...read more.


They clapped but then the judge in the middle laughed and said 'this is an audition for an actor not a clown, now don't waist mine and your time, and get your self out of here'. I felt anger roar through my blood, I couldn't take no one criticising me after what I had been through. I approached the lady, by this time I had no control over myself. The next thing I remember from there is me waking up in a police car and being arrested for murdering a judge at the audition. I did not mean to throw her down the stairs, infact I was not aware that I had done it until this police officer had told me. Now I have told you the whole story of what I remember happening." "Ok, after hearing both sides of this tragic event, I have no option but to say that this man is guilty of murder. He will have a life sentence for this horrible thing he had done to this poor women and the pain he has caused to her family. Court is now closed. Take him away guards." Maria Akram ...read more.

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