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Story - The Last Time. My name is Akshi, meaning eye, and I was abandoned at birth.

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´╗┐Jasmine Banks 10V The Last Time The clear blue skies soared above me, as the white clouds glistened in the sunlight; the sky, so blissfully calm and soothing. Countless numbers of small huts created by bare hands with only straw, sticks and mud; surrounded the well in the centre of the village. Everyone in the community gathered here weekly to sing Indian songs and to dance with passion and joy. Tantalising smells from the curries were released into the air, which almost concealed the ghastly smell of the lavatories. Mothers with crying babies bound onto their chests, scrubbed their washing by the banks of the river. Small children were playing contently near the waters? edges; little did they know the evil which lurked all around them. My name is Akshi, meaning eye, and I was abandoned at birth. I have never had any family other than my twin brother; Harish. We were found on the doorstep of an old lady, called Aditi, who gave us warmth, love and nourishment until we were around 4 years old; and of what I remember, she was wonderful. ...read more.


There was always something unique about my eyes, they were as blue as the sky. I was the only child in the village with blue eyes, so I was known as ?the blue eyed child?. I didn?t have a problem with that as Aditi always thought of me as distinctive and special. Another reason why I felt that I was different was because from a very young age, I was very conscious and aware of everything which occurred around me. I remember as if it was yesterday, when two new gentlemen came to work in the orphanage. They stood by the door grandly, wearing suits and bow ties, with brief cases in their hands, as if they were going to work in the city. After the first initial few weeks of working in the orphanage, it was clear that they were not even attempting to fit in with the rest of the employees. However, shortly after their arrival, several of the children from the orphanage coincidentally seemed to be allocated homes. My curiosity led me to investigate the situation further. ...read more.


I entered the building carefully through a smashed window round the back. Just as I stepped inside, a shard of glass passed through by foot. I was in agony. The pain. It was just unbearable. I couldn?t stop myself from releasing a loud yelp and within seconds the workers came running into the room. They glanced at each other, then grabbed me by my arms and tied me to a chair. I tried to resist but it was impossible. They removed a red hot iron from behind a dithering grey chair, and brought it close to my eyes. Shortly afterwards, everything became blurry and I became unconscious. In those last few seconds of sight, I saw the beautifully painted walls in Aditi?s hut; the children who played by the river; the mothers who scrubbed the clothing; the mouth-watering smells of the curry; and the dancing and singing around the well. Although my life was not luxurious or extravagant, I had fantastic memories of people who loved, cared and valued me. And that was the last time. The last time that I saw the world. ...read more.

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