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Story - The Wish - Doomed Forever

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The Wish - Doomed Forever I began to sob. That was the best I could do. I knew no one would come for me, but I had to try. I screamed, hoping, just hoping that someone, be it friend or foe, would come. I'm gone, I thought. I'm really gone. I looked everywhere, my eyes darting from corner to corner, trying to adjust to the freaky darkness which was surrounding me. Then, I realised and remembered the events from the previous night. Rita! She had done this! I didn't do anything to her. James... He was also part of it. That explains why he was avoiding me. What about the tears? Were they just crocodile tears? I was not sure and I knew I would never find out. He was supposed to be my friend and with that thought, I began to sob again. There was no space around me. I was cramped in a small box-sized room, barely my size. I started banging on the door and scratching it with all the strength available, until my fingernails felt as if they were being plucked from my fingers. ...read more.


He always turned red in the face and always became mad. "Earth to Laura. Hello! Are you out of your fantasy world yet?" James grinned, waving his hand across my face. "Oh, sorry! Hey James. How are you? Good to see you. I've been meaning to call you and ask about something," I said, as I pulled the door wide open, allowing him to come in. I led him to my bedroom. "Will you come to the graveyard with me tomorrow? Please?" I pleaded. "It's just that I haven't visited it in a long time and I just wish my was there and that I was with her. "Yeah sure. You don't have to ask. I mean that's what friends are for. Whilst we're there, I'd like to introduce you to my friend. Her name is Rita," James replied, with a strange eerie smile. From the corner of my eye, I noticed a pair of icy blue eyes, staring right through me. It was a windy day. Everything just seemed ice-cold. I pulled my coat tighter around me. My hair was being blown across my face. ...read more.


Suddenly, we came to a halt. I looked around. This place looked very familiar to me. From the corner of my eye, I saw my mother's grave in the far corner. I started walking my way towards it, aware of staring eyes, when Rita stopped me. She looked into my eyes. She had the same eerie smile that James had the previous night. "Before you go there, can you answer a question for us?" Before I could answer, Rita continued. "Are you afraid to die?" Wow, I thought. I didn't expect that coming. I glimpsed nervously at James and he was still unwilling to meet my gazed. Just before I could give my answer, she continued speaking. "Remember; be careful what you wish for", she snarled. With that, she laughed her head off. All that time, I never realised what was happening in the background. I never noticed the deathly-looking, box-shaped, tiny room. I wasn't even aware I was being led there, until it was too late. Just in the last minute, I looked at James and I noticed tears sprinkling down his face, and this time he was looking straight at me. Right at that moment, I was shoved into the room, prepared to be doomed for ever. ...read more.

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