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Story - Where have the adults gone?

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´╗┐Where have the adults gone ?I can?t find them, where are they I must find them, mum dad where are you, please come out, come out.? **********24 Hours before ********** ?Mum I?m not going to school,? said Ben. It was an ordinary day in the Jensen household where Stephen was arguing with his mum and dad on not going to school. As always he?ll end up still going. ?Trust me son after school you?ll come home and say I?m glad I went to school,? said mum, ?Now off you go.? Stephen was off and was counting every second until he could get home from school, he was furious with his parents before he left, but he wasn?t regretting it. ...read more.


For some reason there were cars on the street but with no one inside them. Now Stephen was terrified he didn?t know what to do and where to go. He walking along the street, he saw something or someone. People normally don?t like being with a stranger but Stephen was hoping it was a someone. It was a child around the age of 6. ?Hi I?m Stephen, where are all the adults? ?Hey I?m Toby I was going to ask the same thing? ?Let?s look together? said Stephen. So now both of them were looking together for their parents. ...read more.


The gang followed them, now they had weapons. Stephen and Toby were goners. Stephen carried Toby and jumped into a car and tried as hard as they could to drive it, he reached a hotel which was also deserted and entered it with Toby and stayed out of sight. ?Toby I?m going home to get some of my stuff, stay here and don?t leave.? Stephen got home, went into his bed, fell asleep and tried to think it was a dream. He woke and said ?Hurray it was just a dream.? Stephen went down and didn?t see his mum or dad. He stepped outside and SAW NO ADULTS! ...read more.

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