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Story Writing-Vengeance

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Course Work- Story Writing Brotherly Love The guards of the court announced to everyone that the judge was entering. Everyone present in the court stood up. As the judge sat, so did the crowd present. The case was about a two brothers of which allegedly, one kills the entire family of the other brother over a fight for property. This kind of case is very usual, but, this case in particular was very unusual. The killer had killed each and every person separately. He also decapitated each and every member of that family and he placed a note in a box in the neck. Each of the notes only contained the one of the properties he wanted and was not given to him. There was a different property in each note. The brother of the accused, Rajesh, though somehow managed to escape from the killer's clutches and he went to the police station where he was given temporary security. ...read more.


He then provided biological evidence by showing that doctors have found the DNA structures of the accused on the sites of all the different murders. He also said that no other person was present at all the four different sites. He mentioned that all the four people, the two boys, the girl and the wife of Rajesh. He then ended his words by stating once again that they had been having a fight over property since a very long time. After narration of the story from the point of view of the prosecutor, the judge asked the defendant to say his side of the story. He said that he was not interested in stealing Rajesh's property, but instead, Rajesh was interested in taking away Ravi's property. He said that he was co-incidentally present at the site of murder and when the eyewitness saw him, he might have misunderstood Ravi helping the deceased for killing him. ...read more.


He wanted to trick Ravi and send him to jail and then take all his property. Though, this did not happen the way it was planned. He had not planned on getting his family killed. There was a group of people who Rajesh owed a debt to, and they had given him enough warnings before they started killing his family members. The notes were names of properties that he owed them a debt for. These people took the advantage of the brothers fighting and then killed them only when Ravi was there so, it would look like Ravi had killed the person and the real killer would flee. They sent a different person to kill each time. Rajesh took advantage of this situation and sent Ravi to jail and using his properties and money, paid all his debts. Rajesh lived the rest of his life happily after marrying another woman and Ravi, spent fifteen precious years of his life in jail after which he got out and got killed by his brother. ...read more.

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