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Stranded! - The frozen winter scenery flashed past my window in a blur of white and grey as the car skidded out of control.

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Stranded! The frozen winter scenery flashed past my window in a blur of white and grey as the car skidded out of control. When the impact finally came after what seemed like forever, the sound of metal hitting the tree that suddenly loomed into view was strangely muffled and absorbed by the dense, white landscape. I got out slowly, wincing and dazed, and when I inspected the damage I could hardly believe the old Jag was so completely totalled! Apart from the ringing in my head I seemed to be ok, but as I scanned about wondering which way to go, I realised that I was not quite as lucky as I thought. It was getting dark already, the temperature was dropping rapidly, and I was stranded in the middle of some Godforsaken tourist location with a dead Jag and no signal on my mobile. I must have looked a little overdressed too in the extremely expensive designer shirt I was wearing - but of course there was no one for miles on Dartmoor to notice how impractical it was... I worked out that although I would have arrived earlier than planned, nobody at the party would miss me for at least another two hours, and by the time some of them did they probably wouldn't be sober enough to do anything about it. ...read more.


He was always telling us about the time he saw 'the beast of Dartmoor' for himself, although I was always convinced it was just a cunning plan to keep Mike and the rest of us away from the family pile and his wine cellar at the weekends. Damn! No sooner have I said the words 'beast of Dartmoor' to myself than I start imagining I can hear all kinds of things out there in the darkness. I'm almost laughing out loud at myself when I thought I really did hear something besides the crunch of the freezing snow. Something like a low, snorting noise coming from behind me. This was ridiculous - it had to be my imagination running away with itself. I stopped dead in my tracks and waited. My ears strained so hard to make out any sounds but all I could hear was the pounding of my own heart and the noise of my breathing as I struggled to control it. Then it came again, only much closer, and I spun round expecting to see whatever it was behind me - but there was nothing. ...read more.


As I straightened my collar I couldn't help looking around in case anyone had seen my embarrassing fall. My mobile beeped and I yanked it out of my pocket with relief. The chaps were obviously really concerned about me by now, and I read the message eagerly: '? is da JAG ashole Cal me bak NOW!' I was obviously going to have some explaining to do, but I comforted myself with the thought that although the E-type Jag was completely totalled they would surely be relieved that I was ok... The next day; 11:40am; Mike's kitchen table. Chaps all holding heads on with own bare hands. Waiting for painkillers and fry-up. Foreign radio station on in background (Radio Devon or something). 'And now over to Richard Head for the latest News...Our main story this morning...Two hikers still missing on Dartmoor were found dead in the early hours of this morning as temperatures dipped to minus five last night...' I didn't hear the rest of what he was saying. The kitchen was totally silent and everyone was looking at me. Thanks to the 'beast of Dartmoor' I probably covered a thirty-minute hike in about five last night - which probably saved my life... 1205 Words. G.C.S.E English Coursework Courtney Bishop Page 1 ...read more.

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