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Straying to the roulette table I saw a man with a long black coat advanced towards me. We both sat down to play, seemingly a ruthless game.

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Win! That's the last thing I did. It was amazing! At the age of 24 I had the best run of anyone. It was Sunday 1st of January, it started with a crossword. Going through the questions; one had stomped me, the question was "" 6 letters down and I was clueless. Then scavenging for words "danger" was the one that stood out the most, I looked at it strangely. Wildly, the door bell rang. The few seconds that I was walking towards the door I wondered who could be here at this time, 5:00am on this frosty winter's morning. Adrenalin rushed through my body. Slowly the door creaked open like one of those murder movie. Peering out of the door I saw with my first glance a man about the same age and size as me, then looking properly I gazed again no one was there. The giant of a door shut, turning I saw that a letter sluggish glided down towards the floor. The letter, it had nothing on it just at the back a wax, red, black eagle crescent holding the letter closed. ...read more.


Looking at my watch I started counting it was weird, my head didn't feel right. Escorted to the car it felt like having my own 15 seconds of fame. It took us 32 minutes and a half to get there; when we reached our destination we had 3 guards outside escorting all of us in. The place was armed to the teeth with players. "Play what ever you want." Ever player had there unique style of winning. Thinking to myself I didn't know where should I start? Rubbing my hand quickly together, I started playing. Straying to the roulette table I saw a man with a long black coat advanced towards me. We both sat down to play, seemingly a ruthless game. Anticipating my every move he placed the money right on the jackpot. Undergoing this defeat I grow in strength raising the stakes declaring war on that man. Determine not to lose I placed a �50,000 bet on number 14 red. Lifting my hand of lead my eyes shone with light. Weirdly I became the centre of attraction putting �100,000 smugly in my pocket. ...read more.


While dealing I hoped I would have better cards this time round. 3 of clubs and 8 of spades; I asked for one more, king of spades. Adding them, a small smirk shone upon my face. 21! Watching them turn over the cards, a wave of sweat was brought out on my face. 21, 21, and 21 weirdly that Rasior won again having the higher valued cards then the rest. Playing on it seamed that luck was not on my side, 3:00 am the match continued and my luck streak shone. Showing that there was hope still in there for me. The last 2 grand; (last chance) to win something worth wile. I knew that I had to get a blackjack or I would loose the game, the first card was a jack then while turning over the second card life seemed to stand still gradually it was all over. 6:00am time for my early morning run. Swiftly the phone rang when I was out shutting the door. I abscond towards the phone. I picked it up and started talking. Again there was no- one on the other end of there phone. Leaping through the window 5-8 black figures encompassed me. Looking at my self on the floor some red liquid substance pouring out of me... ...read more.

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