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Strickly ballroom - Scott is portrayed as a weak and selfish character. To what extent do you agree?

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Scott is not portrayed as a weak and selfish character consistently throughout the film. At the beginning, these qualities are certainly evident, but Strictly Ballroom is a personal growth film, in which the audience witnesses the development of Scott from a stubborn and na�ve character to an accepting, cultured one. Weakness can be defined as many things, including selfishness, naivety and intolerance. Scott shows moments of naivety through his lack of knowledge of the outside world; intolerance particularly for Fran, the beginner dancer, and moments of selfishness where he thinks only for himself. However, this is not to say that these characteristics are all we see of him. By the end of the film, the audience has witnessed his "rough around the edges" qualities to be "sanded down". ...read more.


Shirley, Scott's mother, is another key influence on Scott's character, constantly ruling over his decisions. Shirley puts a ridiculous amount of emphasis on winning, because she was not able to win herself in the major Ball-room title. Shirley is only concerned about what people will think of her and how Scott's success will reflect on her. "Scott's won most of the trophies in this room. You see, that was the tragedy. My son was a champion." This was Shirley's reaction to Scott dancing his own steps in a ballroom competition. Scott shrugs off Shirley's reaction with seemingly, not much thought. However, it is clear that the years of being exposed to Shirley's bent ethics have greatly affected him. ...read more.


Scott responded with the hope of winning over the Spanish man: "Passo doble." Scott foolishly thought that he would be able to impress Fran's father with their native dance. He was immediately proved wrong, and when Scott demonstrated his world's interpretation of the passo doble as a heartless dance, the Spanish simply laughed at him. Scott, who had never been laughed at for his talent before, snapped angrily "What? What's so funny?" It is then that Scott realized how different Fran's world is to his and how he must abandon all previous ideals. He does this with surprising gusto and is even willing to be treated condescendingly and have the Spanish teach him how to dance. It is Scott's exposure to the outside world thanks to Fran that causes him to develop. The audience witnesses this change, so Scott is not always portrayed as a na�ve character. Cristina Russo 9.3 ...read more.

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