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Students with Special Needs in the Language Classroom.

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Students with Special Needs in the Language Classroom Students that show the need for special education are those who have more difficulties that the rest of the students in understanding curriculum that is at their age level. Reasons for the difficulties could be the result of a series of internal causes or the result of an inadequate educational approach. To overcome these deficiencies, the student needs a series of conditions that offer special adaptations to ordinary curriculum, such as including a list of specific resources that the students can use that differ than those which the school offers on a daily basis. The language teacher has to pay special attention to the use of written and oral language in the foreign language in the classroom. There are effective motivation devices that, with correct use, help the slower learners include themselves in the progress of the class, as well as ensure that the gifted students do not lose time or get bored. There are also useful devices for those studetns with special needs; in carefully selected materials they can find the help necessary to reach the objectives layed out for their situation. The teacher should pull the maximum benefit from the interaction among students through performing and acting out role-plays, readings, recordings or songs, description of illustrations, photographs, etc. ...read more.


The adaptations avoid all types of barriers (physical or not) that prevent the free participation of those students, and prevent the appearance or intensifiction of special needs that can be products of an inadequate educational approach. They also promote that the individual adaptations for students be as small as possible so that the amount of integration can increase while the differences decrease. 2. On a second level we find curriculum adaptation in the classroom, which takes all of the adjustments and modifications in the educational proposal and gives them to a group of students to work with. The goal of this is to help the students with special needs complete their objectives in the most normal way and with the most integration possible into the classroom's general interaction, even though they may differ from others in the group. The classroom adaptations try to create conditions that facilitate the simultaneous development of different programmes in the classroom (classroom planning, individual curriculum adaptations or group specific programmes). 3. On a third level of realization are the individual curriculum adaptations, which are the adjustments and modifications of various parts of the educational proposal developed for a specific student and whose goal - after a thorough evaluation of the student and conext - is to respond to his or her individual special education needs, which are not the same as other students. ...read more.


We can indicate, through summarizing, the following ways and specific measures to attend to the curriculum diversity: Optional Thinking about the general objectives of the stage used as educational reinforcement or extention. Curriculum Adaptations It is what can be done in the classroom to resolve learning problems that some students have (important, not important, etc.) Curriculum Diversification Planned for ESO students and afects all subject areas Vocational Programs For students older than fifteen-years-old, it's structured by subject and qualifies a student to hold a specific profession. In conclusion, teachers must turn themselves into investigators by reflecting on their own actions, primarily thinking about: * If they adapt the course contents to the levels of the students, with the lessons being taught more or less to the middle level of the group * If they teach specific lessons for students with special needs * If they apply the curriculum openly, concentrating on the students' interests * If they study at great length every situation that arises in the classroom * If continuous attention is given to diversity in curriculum diversivication programs * If the faculty's suport is necessary to carry out the personalized attention * If they use materials other than the textbook * If they look into psycho-pedagogical studies * If they carry out and use the results from the initial evaluation as an information source for future action ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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