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Study how a main character has been presented in a film version of Romeo and Juliet.

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Question 6 - Study how a main character has been presented in a film version of Romeo and Juliet. During my essay, I have chosen to focus my essay around Juliet - namely the Frank Zeffireli version as I feel it is more true to the written story. In the play Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare reveals a complex character; Juliet, who has a seemingly multifaceted personality. Even so, the essence of Juliet's identify is her youth. Although, In Baz Luhrman's modern version of the play, Juliet is portrayed as a more mature character, whilst in the Zeffireli version her inexperience is exploited to give her a lovable freshness. This is first demonstrated in the famous balcony scene when she is talking to herself. Her question: "What's in a name?" suggests a very child-like quality. It's her way of paraphrasing the question "Why?". Children often ask this question without even thinking about it. ...read more.


Later in the play, Romeo says: "Now I have stained the childhood of our joy." This quote shows he recognised the purity of their love, which, in turn, tells us that Romeo is a more mature character that has had experience with love before as he could not make such a claim without knowing what love is. Perhaps this is why Juliet devotes herself so entirely to him without any doubts. She has child-like faith in him. In that way, her love for him was blind. As the play progresses, troubles arise for the lovers. Once again, the couple seek the advice of Friar Lawrence, who thinks up a suitable yet far fetched plan. Ever the optimist, Juliet still believes Friar Lawrence's plan will work despite all the possible catastrophes that are more than likely occur. For her, love will always triumph over hate, and what she, at this point, assumes is her destiny will always prevail. ...read more.


For example, Juliet is still dreaming of love whereas the nurse is more enlightened. Juliet is very naive about men, whereas the nurse has "no faith, no honesty in men.". As a young teen, Juliet has not perceived anything in her short life to stain the male image in her eyes because of her sheltered existence in which everything is done for her, depriving her of the chance to learn for herself. Overall, Shakespeare has made Juliet come alive in the sense that she is a person with whom we can identify with. She is like a precious gem, still being refined and polished into a mature adult by a maternal figure - in this case, the Nurse. That dear imperfection is something we all can relate to. The audience connects with that and for them, she isn't just a fictitious role in an imaginary world. Shakespeare's mastery comes from not only the sculpted, flowing poetry or prose, but from his ability use a character like Juliet who is so complex, yet similar to the average teenager. Sam Ross ...read more.

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