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Study Of the Speckled Band Compared To The Red Room

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SPECKLED BAND I have read the speckled band and the red room. The Speckled Band was written in 1892 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, And the Red Room in 1896 by H.G. Wells, both of these books sustain a sense of mystery and suspense. In this essay I will show how each writer uses setting, characterisation and language. The speckled band is set in late Victorian times, using Victorian ways. It begins in London on Baker Street, this place being Sherlock Holmes house gives off a sense of safety. It then moves on to Stoke Moren, which is in surrey. This place gives off a sense of unease as it is far away from any city. This is a typical gothic murder scene, as it is a big manor house, it is also derelict and is surrounded by large areas of land, it is solitary. ...read more.


Holmes is very calm and collected, even when doctor Grimsby Roylott barges through the door Holmes is calm and polite. Holmes is also quite strong as he can bend a thick steel pole back into place. Holmes doesn't boast about this fact, he doesn't easily get angry either. Dr Grimsby Roylott is a typical villain; he is very aggressive and proves his strength by bending a steel poker. He makes threats when he doesn't get what he wants. He is quite a big person in stature. He is also the exact contrast of Sherlock Holmes. Some of the Lexus used in the Speckled Band is not used today or they are used with different meanings e.g. "pray" in those days meant please but doesn't anymore. The word order is also different and wouldn't make senses now. ...read more.


The protagonist of this story is a young man, at the start of the story he is arrogant and doesn't believe in the supernatural, as he goes on a journey to the haunted room he himself goes through a journey, he gets steadily more paranoid and scared and at the peak of the tension when he is being chased by the darkness he is knocked unconscious and when he wakes he believes. Both of these texts create a sense of mystery, functional characters and different language styles. Out of the 2 texts I preferred the Speckled Band it gives a more complex mystery that slowly unfolds, that unfolds slowly. The narrative is interesting as it is not from the protagonist but the secondary character - Sherlock Holmes Is a good character for his sense of calm and quick jokes. ...read more.

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