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Studying the two poems "Beautiful Old Age" and "Winters Tale" I am going to comment on D H Lawrence's attitude to old age and Death.

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Poetry Essay In this essay I am going to be looking at two poems by the late D.H Lawrence. Although an accomplished poet, Lawrence is sometimes said to have a cynical and negative outlook on things, this is evident in the poems that he wrote. By studying the two poems "Beautiful Old Age" and "Winters Tale" I am going to comment on D H Lawrence's attitude to old age and Death. The First verse of the poem "Beautiful old age", is potentially quite a positive out look but, almost instantly there is a negative shadow cast upon it. Lawrence has added the word ought. " It ought to be lovely to be old" but it isn't is what the poem says in not so many words. The word "ought" says, it should be this but it's not. This changes the readers out look on the poem straight away and it shows Lawrence's cynicism. This first line sets the mood for the rest of the poem. The words "peace" and "fulfilment" in the last two lines of the verse suggest that Lawrence thinks that you should be satisfied with old age but he, is bitter because he's not going to make it and he'll never know what it is like to be old. ...read more.


People should be happy and content with the fact that they are going to die but he isn't and wrestles with the idea. The fourth verse has that negative element like all of the others but is not as bitter. The word should, again denotes that it's not, but the second line "It must be wonderful to live and grow old." shows that in his heart he is hurting and is longing to know what it would be like to live and grow old. The last line of the verse "look at my mother, how rich and still she is!" He will never get that, he is going to die young and people will not think about him like that. The last part of the line "how rich..." I don't think that he is talking about money he is talking about the love and affection from friends and family, even though they are old they are still loved. The last verse although still with the negative shadow is much like the one before. It shows that Lawrence has had a hard life and it wasn't really enjoyable but now he wishes that it had been or that he realises that he should have made it enjoyable for himself. ...read more.


Dying young is tragic enough but knowing you are dying and just waiting at a young age must be torture. Lawrence is forced to accept that he is dying and that he is going to die early but doesn't want to. He wants to grow old to complete the course of life and be able to experience what he's always imagined it to be like. He wants more from life, he realises that he didn't enjoy what he had of life and he's not going to get anymore. You don't know what you've got until it's gone. D H Lawrence's attitudes to old age and death were unfortunately very depressing and cynical. He thinks that like nature, we live and die old but his idea has been smashed by the fact that he is dying young and can do nothing about it. Lawrence wanted more out of life but kept looking to the future that he didn't have rather than the next few hours, days, and weeks and how he could make them enjoyable. He had all but given up. If D H Lawrence had lived to be old then maybe he would have had a different outlook on life, old age and death and found more positive things about death. By Sarah Cowling 11GK ...read more.

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