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Sugar sweet

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Sugar sweet The sugar pulsed through her blood. She took another bite. The smooth, sweet chocolate fused into her body removing the pain. She could feel their stares. Burning through her as she ate. She seized the remainder of the chocolate and walked out. It was intolerable. Every time she ate she could feel those around her wishing to throw up. She could feel their whispers of disgust. As she was leaving the food court she felt a tap on her shoulder. She spun around, preparing herself for another snide remark about her size. "What?" she snapped. "You forgot this" the girl replied, her tight jeans accentuating her flawless figure. The girl handed the leaflet to her. "Looks like you might need it" With a snort of laughter she left and returned to her friends. ...read more.


"Hey I've seen you before" she sniffed, "You're Dads apprentice" "Yeah, that's me. Look, do you want a lift somewhere?" Face flushed, crying, she unlocked the front door and ran upstairs to her bedroom. She shouldn't have done it. His sweet charm had left her trapped in a car while he tried to come closer. "Give it ago, come on I promise it won't hurt". He had thrust two pills into her mouth. The car had swirled around her. Bright lights and colours burned images into her mind. She wanted to scream but was trapped by her own laughter. She felt giddy; she was dancing on the wind as the drove along the freeway. She giggled, "Do you think I'm beautiful?" ...read more.


A sharp oyster that contained no pearl, not that she had found anyway. She towelled herself dry, catching a glimpse of her naked body in the mirror, quickly hiding. Her body told the story of her rejection, her withdrawal, from peer groups. Her friends quickly vanished. She ate, food was her only comfort. The first time it had been her fault. She was there; she had put herself in danger. Her stupidity had led to her destruction. This time she had been vulnerable. Searching for comfort in a world that only saw her as a dress size. * * * The beautiful fourteen-year-old bit into the chocolate. In the other hand she lifted the bottle of vodka to her lips. She giggled as the boy came closer. Awakening she cried. She felt her bra clip, it had been undone. Too drunk to notice everything had been a blur; bright lights and colours had burned images into her mind. ...read more.

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