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Supersize me coursework

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You can't hide from it even if you're in space. The melting cheese, the chippy fries, the double cheese burger and a large coke. You love McDonalds, don't you? Well amazingly if you do, this shock-doc will totally change the way you think. Do you know that McDonalds is mc-killing you? There are only seven items on the McDonalds menu that contain no sugar! Are you still hungry for more? Watch Supersize me and you may need to rethink some thongs. Isn't this hilarious, McDonalds are everywhere and there's only one continent without them Antarctica! I'm sure it won't be long though. The FAT, the SUGAR, Yuk! What is the point of eating that? Why? You may perhaps ask. Did you know that eating fast food could harm your body by giving you Mc despicable disease such as; Hypertension, Coronary heart disease, strokes, Gall bladder disease and the most common one is Diabetes and many other nuisances in future. Even worse you could DIE! What is causing this pandemic of obesity? In this 100 minute Mc shocking yet informative documentary, based on Morgan Spurlock; a director, aged 36, from West Virginia a man who embarks a 30 day McDonalds enlightening experiment has to find out what will happen if he intakes 30 days worth of fast food, and you will be flabbergasted at what happens. ...read more.


McDonalds doesn't put a real effort to make sure people are awake of what is in their food. However, they don't force the food down people's throats! People are ultimately responsible for their own health. Spurlock researches health and obesity in young people. Inspirations, such as Ronald McDonald, gives advantage from persuading children into coming to McDonalds, by giving away free toys and advertising himself. The more adverts, posters and magazines McDonalds put on the TV the more people are going to know about it. He has turned out to be terrifically popular, some children cannot recognize Jesus, but do know Ronald McDonald! Continuously, eating he becomes exhausted and after eating three meals a day exclusively from McDonalds he became addicted to the food, got depressed, and his heart and liver suffered. You would without doubt be Mc mad with the outrageous results. He did make horrific choices and even contradicted himself in the movie. Take for example, the gentleman they showed who ate two Big Mac's a day. The show focused on him eating his 19,000th sandwich. This man was in no means fat. He has eaten McDonalds for years. This made a Mc Colossal upshot on the audience due to the fact that it showed the more you eat the less chance there is for you to survive. In order to grasp the audience's attention, the film uses a broad range of dazzling techniques. ...read more.


But why did we want to see him eating for 45 minutes? So only 2 or 3 minutes of him eating was filmed. Conversely, cartoons were used in the film and had an immense influence. It enhances the narration and makes it exciting because the text on its own is not eye catching. Cartoon people eating food was shown. A lot of the time clowns were used again and again. There was a miniature clown smoking which could disturb the audience. Supersize me was filmed in public areas, that's why the children's faces were obscured. It makes the audience think that they are ignorant of the identity of the person. Camera effects also have and huge impact. Close-ups and zoom-ins were used where the camera man focuses on one sickening scene which was when Morgan Spurlock his eating a burger and then does a big pile of sick outside the car window. That was GROSS! Overall, in making this film Spurlock succeeded in grabbing the audience attention by using a range of film techniques and constantly entertaining the audience throughout the film. It included fabulous facts. Some of you may dismiss this film as you are over exaggerating. Supersize me will absolutely make you question your fast food eating. Hopefully, next time you cue up for a happy meal or a Big Mac think twice before munching it! So what happened to Morgan Spurlock at the end then? Well, grab some popcorn and watch the movie. Thank you for reading my review! ...read more.

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