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Supersize Me Crousework

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Super Size Me Coursework Do you know what McDonald's greasy, nauseating foods are really like? I'm sure you do. There tasty, addictive and appetizing, but Morgan Spurlock's outrageously wacky "Super Size Me" movie will shock you till your mouth drops open with not one drop off saliva dripping for the Big Macs or other foods on the comforting menu. In America alone four hundred deaths are due to obesity. And why do these folks get obese, simply because they eat too many fast foods in a week, a month or a year. There are even people who are crazy enough to eat three meals of McDonalds a day, just like Morgan Spurlock did for 30 days. Why? You may ask. Because he wanted to show exactly what McDonald's foods do to you as a person. You should ask yourself is it your fault your getting fatter or the fast foods companies fault you are getting fatter? The movie documentary aims to shock the audience of other people's unacceptable living and eating methods. "Super Size Me" wants people around the globe to stop consuming fast food rubbish or decrease the amount of their daily intake, or weekly intake, hugely. ...read more.


Spurlock tells his viewers truthfully, that McDonald's food is addictive, tasty and once you eat it you feel hungry after a short while and eat more of it. He also has the odd feeling of happiness and peacefulness in his soul as he consumes his McDonald meals each day. Unfortunately for all you McLovers fast foods only have unexpected and rebelliously, puky results of obesity on your inside and outer figure. As he travels through the different cities of America he interviews different types of Americans, including the McDonald workers who surprisingly are mostly fat in this movie. He also interviews his health monitors, including the nutritionist woman, he sees every so often and young primary school children who are well acquainted with McDonald's goofy looking clown. You've got to think about these innocent, young kids who will be obese when they grow up just because they eat too many McDonald's happy meals since kindergarten. Spurlock asks the common known factual question of "what is a calorie?" to fast food lovers and shockingly they don't know! How stupid can you be at the age of about 30 to 40, not to know what a calorie is? ...read more.


I think allot of people will feel they need to change their eating habits from fast food to home food. Also it would be fab if governments could fund in getting healthier foods into schools and some fast food places just like McDonald's. Spurlock notices the amounts of healthy foods missing from the school's in the US, kid play parks (mostly set up by McD's) and the balance missing between consuming fast foods and homemade healthier foods, like pasta and beans. People have to realise that McDonald's will never stop at earning their big bucks in the wrong way; you have to learn to stop yourself. I personally think that this movie will have a huge affect on some people, mostly the obese ones who have a huge intake of fast foods from McD's regularly. I picked up on the point that Spurlock also knows that our health is not entirely our problem or the fast food industry's problem, unfortunately. You'll think off what you're stuffing in your mouth, now that you've seen this movie, that's what I thought. So quit the heavy, life decreasing foods and get up and make something for yourself for once....... ?? ?? ?? ?? Sameenah Hafiz 1 ...read more.

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