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Supporting the 10 mph speed limit on Lake Windermere.

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Ten mile an hour speed limit on Lake Windermere In 2005, a 10mph speed limit was introduced on Lake Windermere. All forms of transport on the lake had to obey the speed limit. Therefore, speedboats and jet skis could not come to the lake. The authority set up the speed limit for many reasons: the disturbed wildlife in the lake, erosion on the banks, pollution in the water and air and the many accidents that were caused. Many people were glad of the speed limit; however, a large number of others did not agree. The first problem was that the wildlife was being disturbed. ...read more.


The walkers complained that the noise was too loud and the environmentalists complained about the amount of pollution the speedboats were letting off. The windsurfers also protested against the speedboaters, as they were too fast and their waves disturbed their boats. The final reason was that there were too many accidents taking place on the lake. The amount of speedboaters that crashed into the banks was alarmingly overwhelming. Most of the people who did crash were later found drunk or had been drinking small amounts. Most people supported the introduction of the speed limit. For example: the windsurfers, canoeists, hikers/walkers, bird watchers, conservationists, environmentalists and fishermen, all of which were happy that the limit was established. ...read more.


Other shops like outdoor clothes shops and gift shops would thrive as the speedboaters bought essentials and presents. Most importantly, the people who would not in favour of the speed limit were the speedboaters themselves. Without Lake Windermere as their area to ride, they would have to move to another spot. Many of them protested, but nothing happened. I support the speed limit, as even though speedboaters can no longer ride, they can always go somewhere else. The businesses still have tourists, so they will not lose too much money and everyone else is content. I agree that Lake Windermere should be protected from pollution and noise since there is already a lot of noise from the aircraft practice above. Too much noise would put people off the National parks. There are more people without speedboats and jet-skis; therefore more people will be pleased. ...read more.

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