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surivor corsework

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Survivor Coursework. December the 26th was the day me and my boyfriend tom were set to go to Thailand. We woke at 7am two hours had gone by in the airport and we were now heading through to board on the plane. I hated flying but the only other way was a ferry and I felt even more unsafe about travelling on water, but tom promised me if we got the plane over everything would be alright and I trusted him. So there we were sitting on the plane ready to take off I was so excited yet nervous at the same time. An hour later up in the air the air hostess's were bringing us our lunches, then the plane started to shake and people were saying that we needn't worry everything was fine its just a bit of cloud underneath us we had hit. I was gasping and gasping I felt like I was having I was having a fit. It soon calmed down though and things were back to normal. Twelve long hours later. We arrived at the Thai airport; we got through all the customs and got in a taxi to take us to our final destination were our hotel was. ...read more.


But I couldn't leave Tom. Paul ran back to us as I stood there telling Tom to hurry. Then the water hit the sun beds and knocked me over, that's when we all began to really panic. I tried to run but I could the water was at knee height now and was making me struggle to get anywhere, in front of me was a pool so I had to go run round it, I thought that if I could get to my room and shut the door that I would be alright, not knowing how powerful it was. The Water was so powerful there was a shop next to me that I got pushed onto. In got me on my bum with my back against the glass, as the whole shop had glass surrounding it and behind it was nothing but the sea. The next thing I new the glass went through and the whole shop was covered in misty black water. It was like being in a washing machine everything was just flying and me, it was like being in a movie. ...read more.


I then sat down on the stairs and shouted for help! I Looked behind me in the distance and there was a two men with life jackets on, they came over and asked me where I was hurting I said my leg and my neck, they carried me to safety. Then they asked me if I was with anyone and I said "yes, my boyfriend Tom". The two men whisked me to a hospital within the next hour. The next day I awoke. No sign of tom anywhere. I started to panic again and I couldn't breath, I pressed the button on the string that was attached to the bed in the hospital and a nurse came in. And asked me what I she could do for me, I asked her to go and look for someone with the name tom Hutchinson. Two hours later she came back and told me that there was no-one in the hospital with that name. I just looked at her in distraught I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I burst out crying, I was on my own for the next 3-4 weeks recovering from a holiday that I thought was going to be the best one in my life. I returned home with no life and no boyfriend. ...read more.

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