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Surly a Gods Joke

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Surly A Gods Joke As I grew up in Brixton, London the ghetto culture pretty much shaped and structured my life. Because of these experiences I had a vicious and violent temper which I could not control once I got started. What I did not know at the time was that my temper would be the cause of a young mans death. That dark period in my life will be engraved in my memory forever. It all started on the 16th of February 2010 when ...."You are the dumbest boy I have ever come across" the boy taunted as he followed me into the lunch hall. Kids crowded us on all sides; his voice rose above the din and clanking of cutlery. I thought to my self if id just ignore him may be he'd shut up and go away. I turned around and started walking through the crowd in suspense hoping that every one would stop thinking that there would be a fight and go about their business. ...read more.


I staggered across the chairs landing on a boy's lunch. As I looked at the trail of red chairs I left scattered across the floor I lifted my head. Every body in the lunch hall was staring at me as if their eyes were glued on me. For a second the room went dead silent. Then Malcolm and the other kids started laughing in my face but I could not hear them. All I could hear was my hart beat echoing in my ears. My palms started producing sweaty. I was hot. I felt this intense ball of anger burning above my stomach. I could fell it spreading across my arms, legs and back, then. In a split second my temper flared; I forgot all about the kids mingling in the background. I got up and swung with all the force, with all the anger, with all my might at him. ...read more.


I opened my eyes; my heart was beating faster and faster. I stretched out my hand. My hole body was hot I could not hear anything but the shushing flow of blood through my arteries. I took out my keys. Opened the door, Then.... Then. I woke up. I was in bed, I quickly scattered over the bed fumbling with the quilt. I tooled at the time and date of my alarm clock it side 3: 34 am, 16th February 2010 It was all just a crazy dream. What a nightmare. I felt so relieved. So joyful, The Gods in the heaven had turned back time for me. I quickly said a quick thank you to God then I remembered something, Wait minuets I don't have a bad temper nor did I live in London. All these were just figments of my imagination. Wow how powerful dreams can be. Surly a Gods joke, well now I can sleep in peace. THE END ?? ?? ?? ?? Emmanuel Osei 11L 3rd December 2008 English Coursework Original writing 1 ...read more.

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