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Surreal Lie.

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Vincent Williams English Assignment-Surreal Lie. Her skin pulsated with anticipation as his masculinity caressed her modestly refined skin. Feeling rebellious to morals as she became increasingly please by the violation of her timid body. She grew aware of her exposed glands, as the sweat secreted her awakening body. Her distinction between dream and reality had now overlapped causing her to mimic actions taking place in her fantasies. She was soon to be interrupted and snapped suddenly into reality. Tugging at the sheets as she covered her exposed breasts. Her heavy breathing diverted her attention away from what diverted her from the surreal realm. The tapping grew louder as the voice became recognisable, B-R-A-N-D-Y finger-tipped into the window left no other suspect. "Wake up! Girl its 8:15" her best friends Crystals face and torso was sprawled across Brandy' window. Brandy was startled giving in to Crystal and her intentions and leapt for her oversized t-shirt draped over her cream chair facing her dressing mirror. "Come on Brandy" teasing Brandy' pathetic act, "I mean there is nothing to hide, Brandy in the nude" she took a deeper look in through the condensation on the window "Joel' a lucky guy." Brandy giggled throwing her 'Roots' t-shirt on "Girl, how is it going? ...read more.


It wasn't convincing. "Okay, well you know where this is going, don't you?" there was no reply; Joel didn't have this planned well. He went on "Well, I don't think this can work." He paused to look up at Brandy' face, her face remained expressionless as she held back the tears and watched her diary leaves sway in the breeze as if not concerned by the news. Joel began to get worked up "You don't trust me, not even with your mum" he paused "this isn't a one way conversation Brandy, are you not going to reply?" "Well is there anything to say?" she was interrupted, "How do you feel? Anything, just something." "I feel the same as I did before class." She couldn't hold it any longer the tears rolled down her cheeks and preventing this now seemed pointless, she avoided this talk for weeks and now its happened. Joel held her "I'm sorry" her now saw she felt something but it was now over. Brandy got home and started scribbling through the diary it ended with 'I've lost so much, I long for someone to care like he did.' She fell asleep after a long stare into the heavens and was comforted by her dreams as she often was. ...read more.


"Now tell us the story" as he sighed to take a seat, this was only business and he had no passion for the case at hand. His eyes then analysed Brandy's face she tried to look beyond his face, beyond the lancination of his eyes. The room was filled with silence and adopted a courtroom feel, and like the strongly objected lawyer Brandy stood up, "You can't look at me like that!" she looked at her mum who was tearful "Tell him mum" his eyes seemed to have become the centre point of the room, the interrogation continued with no dialect exchanged "NO! STOP!" she sat back and closed her eyes, "I li..." Before the short sentence of 'I lied' was completed she opened her eyes sweating with blurred vision, she looked around, "Brandy!" it was Crystals voice, "I heard about Joel" Brandy looked up at her sympathetic face, she was confused, she looked around as Crystals voice became blurry. "Joel! You know what I mean? Hey there's more sexy fishes in the sea" The librarian walked over, "We're closing in five minutes my dears." "Huh?" "You fell asleep my dear, thought I'd better not disturb." Brandy started thinking more clearly she looked up at the librarian "I just feel real tired" she gathered her books and put them into her rucksack, as she slung it over her back she sighed and looked down at her seat. ...read more.

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