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Surrounded by utter darkness, I sat hopelessly amidst my chamber of doom. I knew nothing of it, had nothing to do with it and yet was held in accusation for it.

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What really happens on the night Kenny Thatcher dies? Surrounded by utter darkness, I sat hopelessly amidst my chamber of doom. I knew nothing of it, had nothing to do with it and yet was held in accusation for it. My life was cursed, but by whom I do not know. Countless questions were embedded within my mind, all waiting to be observed. The sensuous splendours of life and the priceless moments spent with my family were intricately carved and treasured within the depths of my heart. But now...all life's purpose had charred to ashes. The divine colours and shades of life, which once brought warmth and radiance, had all withered away, leaving nothing but sorrows. Beautiful thoughts were sculpted into exquisite undulating curves and hollows, which represented all the ups and downs and the rapturous and painful moments in my life. Sweet emotions which once illuminated my soul have crumbled into bitterness-bitterness that defines my identity today. Venomous fumes of revenge wallowed into my mind, corrupting my virtuous beliefs and polluting my soul which held precious memories, high values and benevolence. Whilst my memory stated the facts of the murder and what will become of me in the near future, my heart spoke only of justice. ...read more.


Everything seemed normal, nothing so extraordinary", he continued. "On July 19th, I walked out, into the scented breeze which whistled softly, as the shimmering sky showered its beauty unconditionally. It seemed as though heaven had fallen into the lap of Sesame Street. Well, like always on my paper round, I ran past the pharmacy, past the church and the park-I ran and ran until I became one with the wind. I had almost finished. I just had one more street to dash through-your street. Approaching your house, a mischievous idea grew in my mind. Determined to go ahead with my plan, I made sure that no-one was home. Peeping into all the windows, I was assured that no other soul was resting there...this occupied me until I narrowed my hazel centres to view the unpredictable", said Kenny. Curiosity almost killed me. "A fountain of blood had erupted from his veins. Dark red puddles flowed on the ground, while some spattered onto the walls. Droplets of blood fell slowly from the stained walls. He lay before my eyes, sliced open. I know not why your girlfriend had gashed Drake. This question will lie quietly in the dark, unless someone unfolds this mystery", he reported. ...read more.


declared Kenny "Did she leave you to die slowly and painfully?" I asked "I don't remember clearly what happened, because I had collapsed and was drifting somewhere between unconsciousness and reality." he replied. Kenny continued "Although my heart was strained, I knew I had to attempt to escape from the devil. Angela wasn't in sight; therefore I took my chances and strode away. The pain spread contagiously to every corner of my body, torturing me with its gradual increase. However, my luck abandoned me again, as I turned into the alleyway to find..." "Angela? Was it her? Was it?" I interrupted "Yes. She was determined to finish me this time." Kenny stated coldly. "...She stepped towards me,...I gulped a rock down my sandpaper throat,...she got closer,...I prayed for mercy,...she displayed a wicked smile,...she butchered me,...and then again,...she gouged my heart out,...Angela slayed me more ruthlessly,...I lay dead." stated Kenny. As a spilling armful of golden light filtered into the cell, it produced a myriad of soft colours and shadows. I swivelled my head around the cell, but there was no sign of Kenny. He had vanished into the ether. Although I felt betrayed, my veins were streaming with a sensational feeling because all the hidden secrets had been revealed. My sorrows had faded with the spicy wind and happiness carried itself with a sweet emotion, of revenge. Lucky Boparai ...read more.

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