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Surviving in a rainforest

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´╗┐Life in a Rainforest After being dropped from 100m into the heart of the unexplored rainforest I was scared. Most of my resources had got lost or damaged during the fall and all I had was a litre of fresh water, one can of tinned pasta, a machete and a flare. The food and water should last me two-three days and the flare will be key to my rescue. I started to cut a train through the forest to find a place to shelter when I heard strange howling sounds. I had not realised I was in the territory of the Howler Monkeys who are territorial and were giving me a warning to leave. I needed no encouragement! I ran back to where I had started and started to go towards a new trail. ...read more.


They were doing all sorts of tricks. It was getting dark so I had to head back to the shelter which I had made from large leaves from the forest floor. It was getting very humid down here but I did not want to take my clothes off because of the bugs. I heated my tinned pasta and started to eat. It was time to sleep? Last night the sleep was horrible and I am now covered in red mosquito bites. The only good thing so far is that my fire is still going but I need more firewood to make is last longer. I decided to swim to the other side of the forest and it turns out it was a great decision. There was a banana tree so more food for me. ...read more.


I was on the emergent layer and I decided to take out my flare and plant it on the branch ( I know this could start a fire but it did not)? I waited and waited and waited and eventually I dozed off soon to be awakened by the noise of a helicopter floating ten metres above me? Wait! This was the crew that dropped me the first place but I was too grateful to be mad so I happily got on and could not wait to get home. These three days had been the most tiring days of my life but now its back to London and chilling out at home. Athough I have to say the rainforest was breathtaking and these experiences will never be forgotten by me because they taught me how beautiful nature can be and how mankind is commiting a crime by destroying it but that?s another story. Goodbye for now ...read more.

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