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Surviving School

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Surviving School: I never enjoyed going to school. It was always the bane of my life. When sitting in classes I just looked at my watch counting the minutes down until I could leave. Each day, .time seemed to tick slower. It was like being in prison, just counting the days down until you would be released. There was a reason why I hated school so much. It wasn't the rest of my peer group, but one particular teacher who made my life the living hell that for me was my school life personified. Loren was his name - Ralph Loren. He was the Maths teacher who picked on me in every lesson. He even made fun of me in front of my fellow peers, telling them to laugh at me every time I got something incorrect. Maths was a lesson which we had every day and therefore it was almost impossible to avoid his daily burning hatred for me. I felt he treated me differently from the others. It was as though he had this burning desire inside him to make my life a living misery. But for what reason I don't know. Coming from a tough background made me quite a tough cookie, but Mr. ...read more.


I decided to leave him in the grasps of my mates from Brixton. He had to be taught a lesson like never before. For the next week Mr. Loren was absent from school. Everyone thought he was just ill. The school knew nothing of his whereabouts. As time went by people seemed to forget about Mr. Loren as we now had a replacement Maths teacher who was absolutely brilliant and I longed for her to stay on full time if Mr. Loren was not to come back. As time went by I forgot all about Mr. Loren. I just assumed that he had learnt his lesson and fled the country. It wasn't until one night when I really realised what had happened. I was walking back from town one evening when I passed the Television Rentals store. I always liked to have a glance at what was on because I had never owned a television before. I was wandering around the shop glancing at the programs on the various screens. When suddenly I saw the latest news bullet flash up onto the screen. An unidentified man had been reported missing matching roughly Mr. Loren's description and had subsequently been found by police searching the area. Police had scoured sections of woods and lakes when a few passers by had noticed a floating body in an old marshy lake on the outskirts of town.. ...read more.


A shiver ran down my spine. All I hoped was that the murder weapon was still in the safe hands of the Brixton boys. A few weeks later the murder weapon had been found in some nearby woods. The gun was to be checked for fingerprints and I knew that it would have the Brixton Boys' prints all over it. I was wrong I had been framed. I remember as a boy shooting pigeons with a small colt pistol that the Brixton boys had given me. When I left I returned it to them as I no longer needed it and said I was mending my ways. They weren't best pleased as you could well imagine. I now know why they were only too pleased to help me. They wanted to get me back for all those times when they did something wrong and I ratted on them.. I now know never to trust a living soul again. tried life on the run for a few days but eventually I couldn't take it anymore. I handed myself in. I knew I stood no chance of defending myself as the gun had only my prints on. I am now facing a secure unit then when I'm eighteen I will be moved into a secure unit. After a few weeks of life inside I learnt of the sad death of my father, which inevitably lead to the sorrowful suicide of my Mother. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jamie Stickler 10KP ...read more.

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