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Sweet,childish memories

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Most of the kids want to feel and look older than their age and wish to grow up within a fortnight if this was possible. However, I would personally like to turn the time back and once again become the three year old child who used to live at his old neighbourhood. Three years have passed since the time that we had left the old neighbourhood. We now live in a flat at the centre of Larnaca, where the streets are full of people and cars. The flat is quite big in reality, but it seems narrow to me. Everything concerning the flat makes me feel awkward. That's why I always remember my old neighbourhood, where I grew up and spent my early years of childhood always with a smile on my face. I was always looking for a chance to go back there at least for a walk, to see once again my old friends, neighbours, and the picturesque houses with their cute, small gardens. ...read more.


They were not rich but all of them had a small garden and a court-yard. The doors had oleanders in front of them and in the summertime the housewives were growing crop and roses for more green. Some mulberry-trees gave us their sweet fruit and their thick shadow. All of them now do not exist any more. I am walking along the street and I see new faces, ordinary people and this make me think that I am a stranger in a strange place. Moreover, when I reached the corner, where Mr. Chris's small market used to be, I was wrecked. Here, we closed our childish dreams. We used to see it as a castle of a fairy tale. Sweets, chocolates, colour pencils, different kinds of toys and millions of other things could be found. I can never forget the magazines with the colourful pictures of our favourite heroes inside, and the excitement that we used to feel when we were staring at them, since we could not read the text. ...read more.


Finally, I went near the place, where my previous house was located. Nothing was the same. You could not find the garden with the lemon and mulberry trees; you could not see the fence that I used to climb in order to be able to reach and cut lemons. The happy face of my previous house has been lost forever. I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach. A big pain in my throat made me realize that by not leaving the place, things were becoming more painful. Since then, I have never been back there again. The old neighbourhood is only deep in my heart. Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I recall all the memories and I remember my neighbourhood like a dream. Now, I see again in front of me the image of the road with the oleanders and the women sitting at the doors of their houses gossiping. These images can be only seen now with the eyes of my imagination, because they do not exist now in reality. ...read more.

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