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Swine Flu - what should the government of Hong Kong do?

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What SARS has bought is not only the physical damage on human bodies who were suffering, but also mental disaster on Hong Kong residents' confidence. This can be seen from the fact that people start to rush mask when a single case of newly discovered disease is confirmed. Despite the outbreak of H1N1 is already a fact in Mexico, the Hong Kong government have never try to close all borders in order to avoid the stepping in of the disease. Is it a wise decision? Or HKSAR should close all borders during flu pandemics? ...read more.


No matter if the image of Hong Kong would be damaged? All tourists cannot enter Hong Kong, which would severely affect the financial income of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an international financial centre; it depends much on the exchange of wealth with foreign countries. Once all borders are closed, how can Hong Kong maintain its financial stability? In other words, the policy of closing all borders during flu pandemic are no differ from adding pressure to the collapsing economy of Hong Kong during economic downturn. As a result of globalization, Hong Kong can hardly keep herself clean and pure and escape from the pandemic. ...read more.


The Hong Kong government needs to put down all bias, if she does not want to be named as 'inflected place' once there are outbreak of disease happened in Hong Kong. The government should heighten their supervision instead. Check every tourist carefully; take special action to cope with those suspicious or inflected patients; separate the people who have contact with those patients. With all this far more effective measures, the whole society would definitely be awake to the danger of this influenza. Though swine flu is potentially hazardous, the government needs not to block all borders as a way to prevent the spread of the disease in Hong Kong. What it should do is to follow WHO's instruction and, of cause, stay calm and be alerted. ...read more.

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