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Symbolism At Its Best - A Lesson before dying

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This document was downloaded from Coursework.Info - The UK's Coursework Database Click here to visit Courswork.Info Ashley Fike Essay #4 Symbolism At Its Best Ernest Gaines gives many symbols in the book A Lesson Before Dying. [underline titles! Yes, Bedford says you can italicize but you're supposed to do what the prof prefers-I prefer the underline. Besides, in handwritten work, you can't italicize!] He signals symbolic meaning to them by using emphasis and repetition. The meaning is clarified by giving the true representation in a casual way. Symbolism is the voice of unspoken feeling. The food, ice cream, and radio are symbolic to show the feelings of and for Jefferson that don't need to be said because they are expressed through these inanimate objects. The food taken to Jefferson on each visit is a symbol of the love his godmother has for him. ...read more.


In chapter 24, Jefferson and Grant had a discussion that changed Jefferson's whole attitude. Jefferson had sat down with his godmother, the minister, Tante Lou, and Grant, during one of the last visits for Miss Emma, and ate the entire meal. Grant describes the joy he saw in "Jefferson's nannan as he ate the gumbo she had cooked especially for him, and how he said goodbye when he had to go" (196; ch.25). This had pleased her so much to see because she now saw that he was excepting accepting her love and support for him. The ice cream is representation for all things Jefferson was never able to have or have enough of, whether it was because of racial issues or poverty. Jefferson and Grant were discussing what it would be like on "that" day, and if there was anything special Jefferson wanted. ...read more.


While inside the jail cell, the only interaction that Jefferson receives is the visits he gets from his godmother, the minister, Tante Lou, and Grant. They don't really discuss anything that is happening to the people on the outside of the bars and walls. The radio lets Jefferson hear what is going on and also allows him to listen to music which he wasn't allowed to do before he was locked up. "These old people, you know---all music except church music is sinning music" (171; ch.22). Jefferson was never going to see the outside world again so the radio was a little window into the world that he would no longer know. Although there are many symbols in the novel A Lesson Before Dying, the food, ice cream, and radio are the most important. The symbols are voices of unspoken feelings. Sometimes feelings are difficult to share or describe. Through emphasis and repetition symbols can do all the sharing of feelings for the characters. ...read more.

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