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Symbolism in The Scarlet Letter and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Symbolism in The Scarlet Letter and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Symbolism is simply the taking of characters, objects, feelings, or colors and using them to represent abstract ideas or meanings. Symbolism is used all over the world. An example of worldly symbolism is the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty stands as a symbol of freedom in America. Immigrants from all over the world, for years, have come to America for a freedom they couldn't have attained elsewhere. Lady Liberty was a gift to the United States from France; therefore, she is considered an immigrant, as well. She being the first landmark of America that immigrants see during their entrance into the United States only makes the experience even more "real" to them. Her torch stands as a light, allowing us to never lose sight of the freedoms and the equality we've established as a nation. ...read more.


They both serve as a physical reminder of Hester's affair with Dimmesdale. Pearl's name is also very important to her symbolism. Not only is Pearl a punishment for Hester's sin, but she's a blessing and Hester lets the world know that by giving her child the name "Pearl". The name comes from the Biblical phrase "casting pearls before swine". This shows how Hester felt about the people in town who judged her based on her mistakes. She never tried to hide Pearl. In fact, she did quite the opposite by dressing her in elaborate dresses. Hester basically cast her "pearl" before the "swine" of the community who condemned her for her wrong-doings. The author used several other symbols in his novel that all could have been and are seen differently in each person's eyes. Mark Twain, much like Nathaniel Hawthorne, uses many different symbols in his Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. ...read more.


The Mississippi River truly represents a false sense of freedom and the reality of life. Uncertainty of the future is seen in Jackson Island. On one hand, it symbolizes a life in which Huckleberry and Jim can live exactly the way they'd like to - free of scrutiny and judgment for the way they are. On another hand, however, life on the island would mean living in fear of being found and sent back to the wretched lives they escaped from. Again, like Hawthorne, Twain's novel contains numerous other examples of symbolism and each can have a different meaning, depending on the examiner. There are so many forms of symbolism in today's world and novels. Life, itself, can even be considered a symbol for something. However, no matter how many different types of symbolisms you come across in your lifetime, there will always be someone who sees their meanings differently than you. The old saying goes along perfectly with this idea. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Symbolism is in the eye of the beholder. ...read more.

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