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T: Advantages of being rich and famous.

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T: Advantages of being rich and famous. Being rich and famous is a distant, and for majority of people, a rather inaccessible dream. Even though, it may seem that life of a celebrity is perfect, in reality it not always proves to be all roses. It is true that those who are rich a and famous can afford much more than an average working person still, at the same time, they have to keep in mind that there is always a price to be paid for what they have and that it often tends to be a rather high one. To start with, the benefits of being rich and famous are quite clear and obvious as there is almost nothing that is unattainable for those people. ...read more.


A further advantage of being rich and famous is that one has an opportunity realize one's dreams. There are no financial boundaries, they can travel around the world, or even beyond it. Purchase whatever there is to buy and bask in luxury. Celebrities have beautiful houses all over the world in most attractive places. On the other hand, when one becomes a celebrity he or she from being a privet person turns into a public property. People have a desire to know everything about famous people and this is precisely why celebrities are constantly stalk by importunate photo reporters. As a result, famous people often have to sacrifice their normal, peaceful life and even their right to privacy. ...read more.


immorality, and the pursuit of it becomes urgent" Famous people have tremendous influence on their fans, therefore they have to weigh carefully each word they say and consider every action they take. All in things consider, life of rich and famous may be quite alluring, however, the truth is that for most of us such a lifestyle is something that is never to be experienced. And even though, we may envy those who are successful and have made a fortune, we ought to remember that in everything they have achieved they had to put a lot of effort and dedication. And they also have to be prepared to face up to everything, both positive and negative, that comes along with their fame. Total: 480 words ...read more.

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