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Taiz� For many people the name "Taiz�" evokes a certain style of singing that has become popular in more and more churches, retreat centres, campus parishes and even seminaries. For some, the word also suggests retreats and gatherings which attract large numbers of young adults. Still others are aware that Taiz� is in fact an ecumenical community of brothers located in a small village in eastern France. Brother Roger In 1940, he was twenty-five and another world war was tearing humanity apart. For several years, he had been carrying within him the idea of a community where it would be possible to be reconciled again and again, every day. ...read more.


in 1944, Brother Roger was accompanied by his first brothers, whom he had met in the meantime. In 1949, several of them made lifetime monastic commitments: celibacy, acceptance of the ministry of the prior, community of material and spiritual goods. Prior of the community, in 1952 Brother Roger wrote a short rule of life for his brothers, the "Rule of Taiz�". This later came to be referred to as the "Sources of Taiz�". Its most recent revision, in 1990, forms the heart of No Greater Love: Sources of Taiz�. ...read more.


that Christians be a leaven of reconciliation between people, of trust among nations, and of peace on earth The community accepts no gifts or donations for itself. The brothers do not even accept family inheritances. They support themselves and are able to share with others solely by their own work. Starting in the 1950s, some of brothers began living outside of Taiz�, among the underprivileged, to be witnesses of peace alongside those who are suffering. Today, small groups of brothers are living in poor areas of North and South America, Asia and Africa. They are attempting to share the conditions in which the people around them live. ...read more.

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