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Tale of 2 cities

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A Tale of Two Cities During the 17th century France had the monarchy system, this was not a reputable system as many people who were rich or were upper class could take advantage of the poor, lower classes. During the time France was in debt due to the costly war which they had lost and the high spending of the royal family. The higher classes enjoyed special privileges, without having to work hard and also to their delight they did not have to pay taxes, but on the other hand the common people did not have power and freedom in politics. They worked hard and had to pay heavy taxes. They were basically owned by the more upper class people. The inequality upset many people but they had no power, so they had to do what they were told. Also the lower class people were abused in many ways, they would be killed if they didn't follow the marquis commands and they were thought of as scum. When Louis XVI finally called the ministers to solve financial difficulties, it was too late. Many people couldn't afford to buy food and almost half the country's population was in hunger. The hungry people of Paris, who suffered from bad harvest, burst out their anger by attacking the Bastille prison. ...read more.


Later on in the novel Carton realizes there is a meaning to life, and that other people matter. Even though he realizes he will never marry Lucie, he vows to look after her and protect her. Their relationship becomes platonic. The evidence for this is when he quotes "since I knew you I have had ideas of striving afresh" this shows his love for Lucie and how he is willing to change attitude towards others. On Christmas Eve Carton and Lucie went to the church for the service. Even though Carton is an Atheist he still agrees to go to church. During the service Lucie "light's a candle for " Carton. This not only shows Lucie cares for Carton, but shows Carton what he has missed out on, and that people do care for him. During the middle stages of the novel Carton reduces his poor behavior and gains confidence to change for the sake of Lucie. This is when he is "striving to start afresh" and when Lucie thinks "he is capable of good things". This particular scene shows he wants to change for Lucie and also to receive respect from her family. It also shows us how the true nature of love can change a man. ...read more.


It also shows he thinks he will go to heaven; a place he thought never existed till he met Lucie. The fourth reason I have, is that he gave his life to find a meaning in it. "I see the lives I lay down my life, peaceful, useful, prosperous and happy" He finds out at his meaning of life was to help Lucie and her family and in the process help him become a better man. This also strengthens my idea that he is an existentialist hero who has finally found a meaning to his life. In conclusion I think this novel was great, it showed us how the peasants in France were treated and how they gathered confidence to fight back, but brought the country to a "reign of terror". It also showed me what the power of love could change someone and also a whole community. I have also learnt from Carton that it's never too late to change. Towards the end of the novel Carton finally learns there is a meaning to life, love. Carton who at the start of the novel was a lonely, drunk and nihilistic man becomes a respected, loved and peaceful man during the last parts of the novel. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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