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Talk about the 3 stories taken from the Anthology book.

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SHORT STORIES ESSAY In this essay, I will talk about the 3 stories taken from the Anthology book. The stories I will be talking about are: `Flight`, `Snowdrops`, and `Superman and Paula Brown's Snowsuit. I will talk about the stories in some detail, including the main points within them. In the main body of the essay, I will describe the similarities and differences between the stories. I will mention what affect the symbolism has to the prose. To evaluate my essay, I will give my own personal account of the stories. Flight In Flight, a young woman (Alice) wants to get married, even though she is still in her teenage years. Alice is attempting to leave home under the grasp of her grandfather, who incidentally is unnamed throughout the story, and this is used to good effect. He could be unnamed to make him less individual or even universal. The grandfather, known as the "old man", is angry that Alice is leaving home at this early stage of her life. He has seen his other granddaughters leave home, marry and grow up, and he is both possessive of Alice and jealous of Steven, her boyfriend. The "old man" disapproves of Steven's appearance and his Father's occupation. The old man argues with Alice about her behaviour, and he complains her Mother (Lucy). The old man has great admiration for birds. At the start of the story, he cruelly shuts up his favourite bird rather than let it fly and have its freedom. This action demonstrates the old man's grasp on his granddaughter. She is being locked up and not allowed her freedom. However Steven presents the old man with a new bird, and the old man is able to accept what is happening. In the end, he releases his favourite bird and this signals that he has given Alice her wish, to leave home and marry her lover. ...read more.


Symbolism In the story flying is a symbol of possibility and imagination. At the start, the narrator dreams of flying, and seems able to believe in her dreams. At the end, flight is no longer a possibility and the airplanes vanish with Superman's cape. The story contrasts two costumes - one is Superman's famous blue suit, with the red cape; the other is Paula's powder-blue snowsuit. They seem to represent opposing ideas. Superman's costume is a symbol of justice. Paula's snowsuit comes to represent self-indulgence. Snowdrops The story appears to be about a boy and his day at school. He attends a school in Wales in a town that seems to be the author's home town. His teacher has promised the class that they can go outside to look at the snowdrops that are now coming up. While the children are looking at the snowdrops, they can see a funeral procession passing the school. The boys' parents have spoken earlier about a young man, killed in a motorbike accident, and it is his funeral. Evidently the teacher knows this, for she stands watching and crying. The story is told indirectly by Leslie Norris, and is about the love between Miss Webster and the young man who died. The title of the story suggests one of its themes; the story is about snowdrops literally. For the reader and the children in the narrative, snowdrops symbolize the renewal of life that comes in spring, and even eternal life beyond death. This story does not have fully developed characters as they are not introduced properly. The writer does not describe the characters directly, but there are many details that enable us to form a sense of some of them. The boy (who is unnamed) is present through the narrative. The story is seen through his eyes, even though he is not the narrator. He takes interest in everything around him and he observes many things, but with limited understanding. ...read more.


In "Flight" and "Superman", the two girls growing up have different people who affect their lives. In "Flight", it is the grandfather who brings out the emotion in the girl at the end of the story, whereas in "Superman" it is Uncle Frank who has an influence on the girl, she looks up to him and respects him. The symbolism is quite different in all of the stories. In "Flight", Alice's feelings are maybe shown by the rough time the pidgeon is also going through. This technique is used by the author to help the reader understand the situation and the character's feelings. In "Superman", there are 2 examples of symbolism, compared to just the 1 in "Flight". The symbolism is used to creative an imaginative atmosphere the story, which underlines the themes of the story. In "Snowdrops", the author builds up a sense of adventure, which is similar in some ways to "Superman". In the end, the boy is rewarded with a sight of the flowers. Overall, I found the stories interesting and sometimes out of the ordinary, which made them good to write about. I particularly enjoyed "Superman and Paula Brown's snowsuit" due to the fascination and adventure of the story. The snowsuit could be compared to the cape of superman. In "Flight", it was good to see the grandfather understanding in the end what his granddaughter wanted for the best. This story could no doubt be help for some people who have been at either end of that situation. In fact, all of the stories appeal to a wide range of people. E.g.- Many people can say they have been blamed for something they haven't done, which is similar to the storyline in "Superman and Paula Brown's snowsuit". I thought the young boy in "Snowdrops" was a good character, as he is very aware of what is going on. It was a good technique of Leslie Norris to show the story in the viewpoint of a young boy, who is still going through learning processes in life. ...read more.

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