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Talk on “Tony Kytes, the Arch Deceiver” and  “Turned”.

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Talk on "Tony Kytes, the Arch Deceiver" and "Turned". The endings of the stories tell us a lot about the characters in the books and there relationships. The ending of turned says a lot about what kind of a person that Mrs Maroner was and the way that she thought. It shows that she is a very logical person because she stooped and thought things through if she had not been such a logical person then she would have acted on impulse and just left on her own. Because she stooped and thought things through and realised that Gerta was just as much if not more of a victim as she was the ending shows that this is one of the important features the story. It dose this when she says "what have you to us" because it is the last thing that is said in the story so it sticks in your mind and enforces what the writer is trying to put across. ...read more.


In Tony Kytes the arch-deceiver the ending confirms what you think is going to be the ending at the beginning but not what you think it is going to be towards the end. Because at the beginning you think that he is going to end up with Millie because she is the nice one of the women who dose not try to snatch an engaged man and she dose not ask for a lift she is offered one but as you go on you realise that he is being unfair to the women by thinking about marrying the other two and being so dishonest this makes you think that he will end up with no one and that the story will have the morel that dishonesty gets you know where but it dose not he ends up with Millie maybe if the writer had been a woman she would have punished Tony for what he did. In Turned we are supposed to sympathise with Girta because she is obviously not to blame for what has happened and if it ...read more.


The overall impact of completing a reading of both stories is that the ending gives allot of suspense because both of the stories have a number of possible out comes that seem just as likely to happen. As you are reading through the story of Tony Kytes, the arch-deceiver you want to reach the end because you are wondering who he will ask to marry him and what there answer will be. In turned you are wondering what Mrs Maroner will say or do to her husband and what will happen to Girta. I think that in the time of turned men still had dominance over men so the message in that story was to women of the time that they did not have to stand for that kind of treatment and you can make them pay. The message in Tony Kytes, the Arch-deceiver was that leading people on dose not pay of but the message dose not come across to harshly because Tony still had Millie at the end of it all. This concludes our talk on turned by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Tony Kytes the arch-Deceiver by Thomas Hardy ...read more.

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