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Talking In Whispers Analysis

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Talking in Whispers 'Talking In Whispers' is a short story written by author, James Watson. The story takes place in Chile, where war is raging between the Junta and the Chileans. The writer uses many techniques to show how the Junta terrorised the people of Chile to stay in power. Firstly, the writer uses pathetic fallacy to build up tension. For example, he writes, "a sleepy street" and "trees casting tranquil shadows". This shows that the ambience of the street was still, calm and quiet. The shadows also help to create a sinister feeling for the reader as it suggests the street is dark. ...read more.


Furthermore, the writer uses characterisation to reveal the characters in the plot. He writes, "Yet Andres was drawn, as if by a magnet, towards the little house in the Via Rivadivia". This implies that Andres had a very strong bond towards his home, perhaps from all the distinct memories that he obtained from that certain place. The word "yet" also gives a sense of determination, stubbornness even, that although the twins had warned him not to return to his house, he'd rather risk being caught by the Black Berets than not to visit his home one last time. Additionally, he says, "He soothed the anxiety within him". This phrase reveals Andres' softer nature, as he was previously portrayed as a fearless, brave, bold character. ...read more.


In addition, he writes "avalanche of books". The word "avalanche" conveys an image of books falling rapidly in large masses. The suddenness of "avalanche" adds impact and emphasis onto the phrase. It creates a pause in the text, without the use of short sentences and punctuation. His intentions were probably to give an overwhelming, plunging feeling to the reader. James Watson uses many techniques involving the audience, thus making his story more appealing and compels the reader to read on. His language is strong and detailed and through that, he is able to communicate with his reader to get his opinion across to the public and manages to gives a clear image in the reader's mind on how it was like in Chile. ...read more.

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