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Task: Analyze how structural and linguistic devices are used to target specific audiences in three holiday advertisements

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Friday 20th January Written Media Coursework Task: Analyze how structural and linguistic devices are used to target specific audiences in three holiday advertisements In this piece of coursework I will identify the audience targeted in each advertisement by commenting on structural and linguistic devices used. Each holiday has been produced in a different way depending on the audience it is aimed at. The three advertisements include "Club 18-30", "Superfamily" and "Forever Young". In each case the structural and linguistic devices differ according to the target audience with examples of this being the layout, illustrations, text language and tone. The advertisements have been produced to persuade the reader to go on holiday to Majorca at whatever hotel is stated on the advertisement. In the next few paragraphs I will attempt to compare the structural devices each advertisement uses. In "Forever Young" the heading is large and eye catching but is in a slightly old-fashioned font suggesting it is aimed at an elderly audience. However in "Superfamily" the heading is found down the side of the page in an attractive border which is stylish and modern that would appeal to families. The heading also has a white fill against a coloured background for extra effect to make it more attractive and eye catching as well as giving off a younger sophisticated feel about it. Compared to "Club 18-30", "Superfamily" has nothing on the modern, youthful feel the heading of "Club 18-30" has because it is bold, all in lower case with no capital letter and is overall, less formal. ...read more.


In "Superfamily" the eye is immediately attracted to the picture because it is central and quite large. Next the eye is directed to the vertical heading in the border and then to the text starting "Sa Coma". These two examples are images compared to "Forever Young" where the eye is attracted to the large formal heading first. This shows that the producers haven't embraced modern cultures but prefer to stick with the traditional, tried and tested methods of a large heading in order to attract the older customers. There are two pictures in "Forever Young"; the first showing a cathedral lit up against the night sky. This will appeal to the elderly because generally the stereotyped image of them is that they have a preference to cultural or historical places like the cathedral in the picture. The other picture shows a hotel and a swimming pool, the latter of which is a normal rectangular shaped pool suggesting a traditional look that appeals to older people unlike the modern curved pool in the "Superfamily" advertisement that would interest children. The picture in "Superfamily" has an unusual curved frame, which looks slightly childish and is similar to the other frames and borders. This works in the advertisements favour as it suggests that the hotel is interested in pleasing children, which is partly what the advertisement is aimed at. The picture itself shows people in movement having a good time and lots of trees and shrubs providing plenty of shade for the infant's skin. ...read more.


Words such as "party animal", "loads going down", "fab", "oodles" and "fast food joint" all identify with young people wanting to enjoy themselves. In "Forever Young" the sentences are detailed and complex and full of emotive language and conjunctives. An example is " It is the largest of the Balearics and is an island of incredible beauty with rugged mountain scenery". This has been done because it is more appreciated by the older audience who are generally harder to persuade. The grammar in "Club 18-30" is totally incorrect in some passages whereas the other two advertisements display a grammatically sound sentence structure. This would be more attractive to them as the Mums and Dads wouldn't want to take their kids to a place, which can't even spell correctly, as it could be dangerous and unsuitable for children, and the older audience would probably not understand the modern language. It is clear that there is a family audience in "Superfamily" because of the words such as "Family time" and "Mum and Dad" I can conclude that in each holiday advertisement specific structural and linguistic devices have been used in order to target a particular audience. To sum up, "Forever Young" is for an older audience, "Superfamily" is for families, and "Club 18-30" is for young adults. All of the advertisements have been produced to sell a holiday to Majorca and I believe overall that they have been very effective at producing an advertisement to suit each respective age group. I GOT A* ...read more.

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