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Task: Write a story in media res Target: Proper planning

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Emma O'callaghan 18/3/04 Mrs Wren Task: Write a story 'in media res' Target: Proper planning The Cafe Lucy and her brother Dec worked in the caf� which their parents owned. Recently they had been fighting a lot about work and having many petty arguments about nothing. The last few weeks have been tough on Lucy she has had to lie to their parents because of circumstances at home with Dec. Lucy was sitting at a table after they had shut up the caf�. She said "right, time to clear up I think" Dec ignored what she said he had the look in his eyes that he gets when he is about to go off on one. The tables were filthy and needed to be wiped, the floor swept and moped and the dishes from last servings to be washed. ...read more.


As Lucy and Dec were sitting, him reading the newspaper and her doing her homework Dec said confidently " Thanks for working the shift on Friday night" Lucy looked up confused and distraught she said " what do you mean I'm not working the shift, you are down on the rota to work it." Just as she thought things were good again she knew she had been sadly disappointed. Dec stood up angrily he forced the chair to the ground and started to walk toward her. Lucy was really scared now thinking to herself he wont do anything, he wont hurt you he is your brother. He grabbed her by her top and shoved her violently against the wall. He could see the fear in her eyes while his clenched first was aimed at her face. ...read more.


Lately Dec has been doing more than drinking though. At first it started with him taking ecstasy once a month or less but now it was at least twice a week if not more. After a long night he stumbled through the door. Lucy is standing there, thinking to herself what has he done he has ruined his life and now he is ruining mine. He brushed past her and she shivered with fear. She looked upon him with pity and said "want a hand" he gave her a long piercing ice-cold look she knew to leave it and just go to her room and she will be safe there. As days went on Lucy got more bruises and got more scared for her life. As time went on her parents got worried and talked with her she was a good actress though. She fooled them and the rest of the world but she couldn't fool herself she knew deep down something had to be done... ...read more.

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