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Taylor Woodrow Company

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Taylor Woodrow Company Taylor Woodrow Company is involved in construction and properties development. Its primary business is house building. It builds home throughout the United Kingdom through the Bryant Band. And it also builds homes internationally through countries such as USA, Spain, Gibraltar and Canada through its Monarch branch. Taylor Woodrow construction business is focused on activities such as 'private finance initiative facilities Management and specialist engineering consultancy. This company is specialised in building homes on brown sites. Which is a reclaimed land that once might have been an industrial area. Taylor Woodrow companies main focus/ their vision they want to aspire to is to be' the leading developer of living and working environments in the United Kingdom and other chosen markets' The way in which they want to go about achieving this goal is by having a strong people focus on the way it goes about operating its company. Making sure the customer is satisfied in what they are going to be getting. ...read more.


However if there is not a positive culture in a business, this can often times cause it to falter. If the employees don't fill a sense of involvement this might cause them to work less efficiently and as a result cause the amount of sales to reduce. There might be less customer satisfaction. The culture found in Taylor Woodrow Company is more of a people culture because the individual worker (the employees) is central. This company has a keen interest in its workers. The Manager and the employee sit down and discuss together 'task objectives' for the employee and the team in which they are present in. (Here it is clear that the employee in this company is allowed to address his or her views). This also shows that as well as a people culture being present in this company a Task culture is also present. They also ' identify individual development needs and aspirations' Also before this meeting actually takes place the individual write a bit about themselves not only what successes they have achieved over the coming weeks etc. ...read more.


But on the other hand this culture can also have a negative response in the way in which the company operates. Each 'employee in this company receives two formal performances and development reviews each year, which may become tiresome. Employees are rewarded according to how their performance review, which is rated using a scale. Sometimes knowing that your salary is based on how you are doing can be off putting. Looking at the BT Company, which is contrary to the culture, which seems to be apparent in the Taylor Woodrow Company. In the BT Company it is bureaucratic, the people who work there don't have a say they cannot stress any points of view what is going to happen in the company. Everything they do is scrutinised. The controls are very strict even to the extent if the employee moves away or leave the workstation to go to the toilet it is timed how long they can spend. Generally it seems as though they have no sympathy for there workers.... it is very formal. This company is very money orientated. The way the culture is, the employee will probably not be determined to work hard or be motivated. L Itam ...read more.

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