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TCC Guide to villainy

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T.C.C Guide to villainy Cameron Alexander (Stacey Keach) from American History X is the 37th/100 most top successful villain. In my opinion, he shows himself to be a good villain by using a slew of insecure, frustrated, impressionable youths to do his dirty work which is based around his prot�g� Derek Vinyard. Cameron is a classic iconic redneck. He dresses like a stereotypical cowboy e.g.: in a denim blue shirt, jeans, cowboy boots and has a metal animal head for a belt buckle. He is also the biggest distributor and writer of white power literature and videos in The L.A County. Cameron had a clean criminal record and he writes reviews and hate columns in his spare time. His room is symbolic to a neo Nazi: Nazi symbols, pictures of Hitler everywhere ect. The story unfolds through the eyes of Danny (Edward Furlong) whose older brother Derek is seeking retribution for their father's murder. ...read more.


The music is diagetic, and the camera is always looking up at Cameron and down on everyone else in the room which shows he has greater authority than everyone else. I think this creates the perfect atmosphere for a neo Nazi party because everyone is getting drunk outside and singing racial songs e.g. "The white man marches on" and business is dealt with inside. Cameron is really intelligent because he uses Danny who is Derek's brother to get to Derek. In one scene, Danny is talking to Cameron and there is a lot of close ups of Danny with Cameron in the background. I feel that this shows how vulnerable Danny is because he always looked up to Derek and wanted to be just like him. I think this is shown best when Derek shaves his head and gets a hate tattoo because Danny does the same. Cameron's plans work because Derek barges in to the room and orders Danny to leave so they can talk privately. ...read more.


Bob understood how strongly Derek feels about black people and he knows how far he was willing to go to uphold his beliefs. He knew this because Danny told him in an essay he was made to write about his brother. The essay told Bob how Derek had no remorse when he was "The skinhead" because he made a black man put his mouth on a curb when he tried to burgle him and Derek stamped on it. In this scene, I feel that it was very effective because it was in black and white which showed it was a flashback. Danny was there and watched this brutal, fiendish murder happen. Overall, I believe that Cameron (Stacey Keach) deserves the place of 37th/100 on the most successful villain scale. There should be no Improvements to him. This is because Cameron plays the part brilliantly and his character fits in perfectly. Any other type of villain (spooky mad scientist, evil James Bond nemesis ect.) wouldn't fit into his part at all; it's as if the part can only be played as a redneck. Sam Booty ...read more.

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