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Technology creates more problems than solutions. Discuss

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´╗┐Technology has inevitably created a porthole for humans to embrace and indulge in, offering endless possibilities. There has been much speculation that while it has satisfied our social needs and offered a more convenient lifestyle, it has simultaneously created more problems than good. This is true, yet most people are oblivious to it. Firstly, in hindsight, technology has developed greatly, from very simple devices such as the telephone to exceptional genius, like portable laptops. While these gadgets have made communication more efficient, they have negatively altered our personal lives. There has also been a huge change in human behaviour such as being too dependent on modern technology and the restriction of face-to-face communication. ...read more.


Again, this created problems with maternity and other biologically factors. On the other hand, abortion is widely available as a means of terminating pregnancy. Once again, this emphasizes our wide range of technology that we can exploit yet it questions our moral obligations as a human being on dealing with life forms. Furthermore, we are sacrificing future generations by not acting sustainably towards our environment. The many industrial productions are constantly polluting the atmosphere, land and sea, thus placing people?s health at risk. Moreover, the extensive use of automobiles has contributed to this pollution, congestion and in some extreme cases produced acid rain. ...read more.


As a result, many people have been the victims of online spammers. To a lesser extent, email and instant messaging has offered a new perspective for exploiting and harassing people. Also, people are increasingly taking advantage of illegal downloading which creates a problem for film and music industries. Furthermore, private accounts and systems are capable of being hacked into, proving how risky technology can be. In conclusion, although modern technology has improved our standard of living it has also harmed our environment and detoriated the quality of life to a far greater extent. Hence, the society must be aware of the possible ramifications they might face so that they can avoid those problems in the future by not being overly dependent on technology, treating it as a mere aid in life, and not life itself. ...read more.

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