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Teen Horror

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Teen Horror 'Come on, come ON ! Hurry up! Why are you taking so long!?' Harry shouted up the stairs to his Mum and Dad 'We need to go and get Chris and Jason and then we need to get there!!!' There was a fun fair in town, and Harry's Mum and Dad had offered to take him and two of his friends there and Harry couldn't wait!! His wallet was full of 20ps and he was bursting with excitement. 'Right, alright we're ready let's go, get in the car'. Harry's Mum and Dad, Michael and Cath, were finally ready. Harry didn't need persuading, he jumped into the car and off they went, picking up Jason and Chris on the way. ...read more.


'I want to go on the waltzers!' screamed Jason 'No let's go on the dodgems first!' said Harry with nervous excitement 'Ooo I know! Lets go on the ghost train...if you two aren't too chicken!!' sneered Chris 'And I know that you are!' 'I'm not chicken! Lets go!!' said Jason as they ran off leaving Harry stood on his own. 'I'm not chicken' he whimpered under his breath as he nervously ran to join his friends. The boys started queuing up; all the other people getting on the ride were much older. Harry really wasn't sure about this! 'Hey guys, why don't we go on the dodgems, they're much more fun!' ...read more.


As the train pushed aside the curtains a mist of smoke wafted over the carriage. Harry began to feel paralysed with fear as he entered the pitch black tunnel. There were ear piercing screams and howls coming from every direction, flashing lights and skeletal outlines moving closer towards them. BANG! A bloody, gruesome head with its eyes popped out leapt right in front of Harry's face - he screamed! This really wasn't fun, he didn't care if Jason and Chris called him chicken, this was really scary!! He looked behind him, they were gone! Where were they? Maybe they had jumped out at the last minute, or, more likely thought Harry in his scared state, been taken by one of the creatures in here. Either way, Harry was totally alone in this pitch black cavern. ...read more.

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