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Teen Suicide

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Teen Suicide Many teens have had thoughts about death. Some have also thought about ending their lives. In fact, did you know teen suicide is the third leading cause of death for teenagers? Statistics show that as many as twenty-five suicides are attempted for every one that's completed. This means that if you hear about one teen suicide, twenty-five attempted suicides were made. And depression is the number one leading cause for teen suicide. Other major causes in the teenagers' life will contribute to his or her desire to want to end their life. Long term and short term effects if this problem is not looked into will be the death of a young student worker. ...read more.


But it does save a few lives and those are results that we need in this world. Other parents and guardians try this simple solution and find great results. Another great solution is to recognize the problem before it starts. Some of the most effective teen suicide prevention programs consist of identifying and treating the problem. Behavior problems (such as controlling aggressive and impulsive behavior), substance abuse problems, and learning disorders can be difficult for a teenager to cope with, leading to helplessness and discouragement, which in turn can turn to self-destructive thoughts in order to make an escape from the seemingly insurmountable pressures of life. ...read more.


That way we can contain it and attempt to control the teenager by supporting him or her. Let them know we are here to help them in any way possible. It would take a plethora of your time and patience, but in the end you will have your loving child back. They will be grateful to you for being there for them in their time of need. It is imperative that we look into this issue at once. The lives of our youth are at stake here. We must push this matter to the top of our to-do list. We must recognize the problem before it starts, and we must support the youth to eliminate this major problem. Just think about this; how much do you really care about your child? How far are you willing to go to help him? ...read more.

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