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Teenage life?

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Teenage life? "The best days of your life" they say, "what I wouldn't give to be your age again" they tell you. What do they know? Unless teenage life has altered dramatically since their 'day' they surely must have been living in a parallel universe, because as most teenage kids will tell you, if this is the best it gets, why bother with the rest of it? Why bother with the dull endless grind that is exams, school and academia, why endure the endless jibes from the older, popular and better off guys, why struggle to not end up on the dreaded council estates with a brown sofa and sick green carpet. What's the point. Because when your standing in a crappy communal swimming pool with chipped off-white tiles, trying in vain to cover your body with a harsh nylon bath towel and being shouted at by some aging sports crazy slave driver in a Mac- things don't seem quite so rose-y. ...read more.


Pointless assemblies, meaningless classes, where the teachers are as bored out of their minds as the students are and in this tiny dysfunctional community, everything goes round and round- institutionalizing us until we feel lost without it. Teachers rarely give us a glimpse of humanity, just talk. Talk and talk. Wide-eyed and indifferent expressions. The bad get worse and the good get bored. So, the best days of your life spent painfully and ruefully. Not as great as it seems is it? And that's at school. Most people escape from this burden at 3:15, but for some this is where the problem starts. When everyone's on a bit of a low at home, school actually seems to be an escape. It's about this time in someone's life when the parents think it's safe to actually become people as opposed to the motherly or fatherly persona that has oppressed them for 15, 16 years. ...read more.


But when it comes down to it, teenage life is all about image, all girls and most boys care about how they look to other people, teenagers diet until they are ill- but they never are content with themselves. The truth of it is though, no-one notices what you look like unless you look bad, in which they relish in, they rush past and through you as if your not there with thoughts of themselves, whether positive or negative. But even the smartly, expensively dressed neat hair, perfect teethed guy cannot buy affection or popularity, there will always be something people can dig at you about, normally something most close to your heart. Teenagers make mental lists about the reasons the opposite sex would not be attracted to them and they are not attractive and dwell on them forevermore. Everyone's so wrapped up in themselves they barely notice other peoples insecurities and are left feeling they are alone. And they might as well be. ...read more.

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