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Teenage Survival Guide

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Teenage Survival Guide Everything you need to know about parents, exams, religion and lying (for the greater good) The Teenage years. God knows what it's like for us. It's not easy, growing up. No one said it was. But this survival guide should help you on your way to becoming a man (ish!). This guide will cover some of the topics you may be struggling with at this point in your life and (hopefully), you'll walk away from this guide having learnt something. (Disclaimer: The Teenage Survival Guide company will not take any responsibility for your, or anyone else's actions. Provoked or not.) We'll start with parents. This single word can generate love, hate, nuisance, despair and a variety of other things. This section will show you how to bend your parents will and how to shut their gobs! As you grow up your relationship with your parents starts to change. You're growing into a young man or woman and your parents are also growing older. They still care for you but are probably having as much difficulty as you are in adapting to your changing relationship. You are no longer totally dependent on them and you want to become even more independent. They are still responsible for your welfare and are trying to use their experience to guide you. As a result of this there is often disagreement. How you handle this conflict is really important. Your parents will always be your parents so work hard to communicate and be prepared to compromise. ...read more.


Religion. Before we start, I would like you to know that the advice given to you in the following chapter is NOT obligatory and we fully understand if you disagree with the matter. However, the teenage survival guide is intended to get you through adolescence and will therefore provide you with any information that will help you. Religion - never let this get in the way of your life. It has, and still is ruining the life of thousands across the world. A good example is Afghanistan, a country destroyed due to a handful of people that were determined to fight because "God wanted them to do it". They may think that god is on their side; however I have yet to see the Americans getting blown up by some unknown force. This guide is not written to persuade, it is written to inform. So please don't run up to your mothers and stuff this in their faces saying it's against the will of Allah or Jesus or whoever you deem necessary to give up your time for. See this as an unbiased guide. You may ask, why shouldn't we be religious? Well, my answer to that is a fairly simple one. Growing up in an average London comprehensive school, I can say that religion has led to fights, racism (The Ku Klux Klan is a perfect example!) and even bullying! Best thing is to stay neutral, stay out of it. You may also have heard of people going to their places of worship on a weekend. ...read more.


Therefore, I am comfortable saying that I did not 'smoke' pot" When that policeman asks if you ever "smoked" marijuana, you could with complete ease answer "no" because you truly believe that you did not. You're free (and still entitled to be prime minister)! To recap, remember what you've learned: 1. Have as little contact with the target as possible. 2. Practice. When Officer Lock-'em0-up is standing in front of you, analyzing you for nervous behaviour, your well-practiced story of how you don't smoke marijuana because it's against your religion is safely stored in your brain. Now when it's time to talk, you'll feel confident. 3. Use details to make you believe the lie. Mr. Lock-'em-up is standing in front of you, asking if you smoke marijuana. Your answer is not, "No. It's against my religion." Your answer is "No. I'm a member of the Catholic Church, and it is strictly forbidden by our God to ingest any plant-based smoke. Would you like to attend a prayer meeting tomorrow at 4:00 am?" Okay, this is a little random, but you get the idea! And there you have it! You now know all that is necessary to be a liar. So we come to the end of this guide. Having covered the main topics of teenage life, you will hopefully have walked away from this guide having learnt something of use. A few key points to remember: 1) stay out of trouble 2) 1 hour of calm study is better than 6 hours of panic! 3) Make the right choices So live life and we'll see you in our next series: "the first years of adulthood" Cheerio! Shayan Moghaddam English Coursework ...read more.

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