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Teenagers at Work

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Teenagers at Work: A character building life experience or a childhood over too soon? Is it right for teenagers, still undertaking studies to be expected to hold down a job? Opinion is often divided on this subject, particularly when it comes to parental and teacher's views. I believe the benefits of a teenager doing a part time job when they are still studying perhaps from the age of 16 years, has many benefits which shouldn't be overlooked. Teenagers will earn and manage their own money, which hopefully will teach them the value of cash, and the running of a bank account. It will put them into new situations where they will meet and work with people from all walks of life, some they will like and others not - but that is how things are in the real world of work. ...read more.


New skills and maturity gained through work can indeed enhance learning at school, resulting in higher grades and more options later in life. However, there are those that believe a child should remain a child for as long as possible, and that includes leaving work to the adults whilst concentrating solely on the studies. Opinion may be that work during teenage years is too much responsibility too young, and that it may lead to stress and too much tiredness to do well at school. It may become hard to complete all homework whilst doing a part time job and the teenager may give up other activities such as sports or socialising to accommodate a job. But is this view just holding teenagers back? ...read more.


In other words a job on a Saturday for a few hours would fit in fine provided the teenager was organised in making sure their home work was completed during week day evenings, still leaving Sundays for sports, friends or relaxation, however a job with more hours taking up both evenings and weekends or night shifts would mean the teenager would not be able to complete home work or socialise. The conclusion? Let them do it if they want to. It is part of parenting to guide the child to make sure the hours and type of work are suitable, safe and fit with school and teenage life, but don't hold them back! You might just discover what a seemingly immature, untidy and unreliable teenager is really capable of... ...read more.

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