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Teenagers in the Media

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Teenagers Kick Back at the Media Why is it that so many youths are tarred with exactly the same hooded brush? Is it because we really are just young hoodlums, terrorising pensioners and getting pregnant? Or is it because the media feels intimidated by our outstanding success'? The youth of today are more intelligent than ever before in history, with illiteracy rates amongst teenagers at just below 2%. Schemes like the Diana Awards and the Duke of Edinburgh Award display the courageous attitudes we possess as well as the ability to achieve feats of physical brilliance. ...read more.


Therefore, according to this research, 149 teenagers out of every 150 are injustifiably branded by the media. Regardless of the statistics, it's still worrying that the media find it OK to victimise teenagers. Since when was it socially acceptable to victimise a minor for nothing but the way he or she is dressed? This sort of prejudice is just as morally wrong as racism or sexism, yet it's still accepted by the public. Fortunately, there are still projects in place where young people are thoroughly recognised for their achievements. ...read more.


This shows that even the most courageous of young people are still virtually unrecognised in the grander scale. I feel that the youth of today are dealt a huge and unrighteous injustice by the media. The trend looks far from buckling, with evermore stories about how terrible all youngsters are still being churned out by the press. Will we ever see a Britain without prejudices towards teenagers? I doubt that concept very much, but the scale of injustice at this moment in time is horrifying, and needs to be tamed. Glen Peacock 10R2 ...read more.

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