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Teenagers - not as bad as they are portrayed?

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´╗┐The good, the bad, the...teenagers? Britain altering her ways, has successfully managed to keep up with the ever changing world. However the youth of our day, seem the only change society somewhat fails to keep pace with. Are we leading our teenagers forlorn? Teenagers are categorised under offenders and criminals and not to mention are covered by an umbrella of stereotypical views of which if its coverage of teenage Britain fails to cease would be a slow and gradual obliteration of Britain?s future. If society takes a step back and realises the sought of pressure left upon the shoulders of our future leaders, doctors , engineers etcetera we would come to the realisation that the strain put on them is a strain put on the nation?s future. ...read more.


other percentage of teenagers who actually do something valuable for the society such us charity work, and those whom constantly thrive in the aspiration of making the nation a good one to live in, until then the current government has to work on making this nation a bearable one to live in. The constant pressure from the media towards the teenage generation has yet to show the many good works of the youths. ??Back in my day...?? seems to be the reoccurring statement by the nostalgic few, the few, whom believe that without the morals and discipline of the old age teenagers today show no respect for society today, however, Do they know how it is to work in a teenagers shoes. ...read more.


Would the outcome be different if he spoke to someone? 2011 witnessed the London riots, often described as ??mindless act of violence ?? saw parts of London set ablaze teenagers seen as the apparent cause, could this have been prevented? Or was this just a way to gain attention from the society as they have been put on the lower end of it, always put at the receiving end of pessimistic views. Although this would be seen by some to be destructive, inconsiderate and uncalled-for , this might be what teenagers think would actually make sure their voices are heard and also make sure they have an actual say on what decisions are made about them. The life of teenagers would continue to remain a mystery to some, as times change people also change, if things do not change for the better the life of a 21st century teenager would continue to be hard. ...read more.

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