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Teenagers One!

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Teenagers One! Ever found it hard to imagine what life is like after exams? Don't, its really depressing, think about what you can do to make your teenage years truly the best years of your life! I know it's a clich´┐Ż but seriously, these years can turn out to be some of the best, but only if you want them to be. For example, if you were roaming the streets at the night, wondering what to do, you are more than likely to be raped, sexually abused or even killed. This really isn't a nice thought but then who gets pleasure out of wondering about on streets any way. There are much more fulfilling ways to spend these years leaving you with purely happy memories. ...read more.


So what am I suggesting you do, spend your life running about from one wild party to another? If this suits you then fine but most people find more pleasure in filling their life with a mixture of activities. For example, there are various clubs that you can join, whether it be a dancing club, 'club' club, sports club (this may not sound very appealing but then again, who would find it very interesting making yourself sweat?!) and there are many others. Also nothing gives girls quite as much pleasure as good time with their mates. Time to gossip, time to shop, time to relax. Who doesn't enjoy a good get-together, to discover all the latest chat. ...read more.


Just like a lot of things in life - it's all normal unless you seriously insist on killing everyone within a five-mile radius. That could be considered psychopathic and if you carry on doing it, l would suggest you stop. For the safety of other people, that's all, honest! What other activities can you fill your young life with then? Well, I suggest that whatever you have an urge to do. Don't be ashamed to show your individuality. If you have strange urges to skip down the centre of busy towns, possibly singing, why not? The chances are you won't see the people ever again so why not get the rush of happiness the healthy way. It really works much better than drugs. Believe us, we should know after various experiences doing the can-can down the busy streets of the Milton Keynes shopping mall! It wasn't us, honest! ...read more.

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